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Question About Recent Testing


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this morning when I was at MD logging page (wanting to log in of course) I noticed my name on active player's list (the persons who are online and not idle)
now was that Mur testing realm or someone used my account...?
also side note: at that moment I think about 109 people + 30 idlers were online according to the list (which is a good number, and i figure Mur somehow loggined most of the active characters, but i need to make sure just in case)

(i went idle in about 00:00 server time last night, did anyone noticed me talking after it?)

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Princ! The new idle system has been influenced by the New script change ( check latest 4 announcements )
I think the active players issue involves a longer idle perioud and longer trace perioud.
I really think NOBODY hacked into your account! It's just a small BUG or your account was never actually logedOUT!

It's that simple , so chill there :))

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I don't think its a longer idle period, since after 6hours, the "link expired, reload please" should(theoretically) appear when someone attacks you.

Edit: It is a longer idle period because you can still view the papers and send messages to the palyer. The only difference is in attacking.

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its not about idle, my name was in "players online" which doesnt show idle players.
I dont believe i was hacked, i was just paranoid at that specific point, cause i saw some people talking to me in chat (like older posts) and i know those werent there once i was online :))
and noticed too much people "actively online" in game, and some of them that i know werent online on messenger and were just like idlers without "this player is idle" sign on them, so figure Mur somehow "waked" everyone up... dunno

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I think that all players affected by the 'link is expided' bug(those who went idle at about 00:00) are listed as online players on the login page. Happened to me too. Forgot to add this on first post.X(

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