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whenever trying to attack somebody i get 'link expired, reload please'
clearing cache and cookies didn't solve the problem XD

i have also seen a few people asking about that in chat, so i guess it's a global issue :/

any hotfixes, or should i get myself another browser (ff 3.5)?
or is it something mur did accidentally? ^^

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I think this means that the player is supposed to be logged out. I iddled one of my alts about 12hours ago, and now his name still appears and that 'invalid link' message appears when I try to hit him. I'm pretty sure this is a bug that evolved from the new system and not a browser problem. This might also be the answer to Rhaegar's problem...

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indeed, i have been hasty to say 'whenever'...
just now i found a victim i could attack for real XD

but it would be pretty handy if those changes could be undone, or changed, because it's somewhat annoying if offline people are there, but unattackable :/

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