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Taking A Break

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For all those who havent seen me online for a few weeks, you wont see me online for a few weeks more or maybe only for very short periods, writing a pm or watching forum topics - it has a reason and I shall return, and for all those who want to know why, here is the reason:


Don't forget me folks!


Blackwood Forest

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[quote name='(Zl-eye-f)-nea' date='25 November 2009 - 11:10 PM' timestamp='1259187012' post='48471']
HAH as if we could forget you! Gorgeous Kid mate :(


agreed ;)

take as long as you need brother, MD will be waiting :)

...and i expect her first words to be "all hail savelfuser" :D

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[quote name='dst' date='29 November 2009 - 07:57 AM' timestamp='1259477848' post='48673']
I usually avoid those kind of topics. But I am glad I took a look on this one ;).
Congratz Blacky! Enjoy him :). MD will be here (hopefully) for a loong time :D

Him? Enjoy HER :P it´s my little lady!

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