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Hc Announcement Number Error / Typo


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Just noticed on the announcement that lists the winners that it says ""....first [u][b]3[/b][/u] positions in each MP group...""

When there are actually 4 winners per MP, you (Mur) commented about the little things getting changed :P

LE: whilst i'm at it :))
on the ranking page, why are there 5 ‡'s? Rather than 4, 1 per place.

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[quote][b]Trophy head competiton started![/b]
All players receive a trophy head periodicaly, every victorious fight will give you all the heads the enemy has cumulating them into one big head ball. The more heads you have the more dificult is to hold onto them because of the temporary skill handicap they give during a fight. The contest consists of two stages, in first stage you can get score in all locations where you can fight depending on how many heads you gather. Second stage triggers when all top players in each MP group reach at least [b]what[/b] score. In this second stage, score will be counted only in a strategic location of the map [s]during an entire day[/s] [b]over a period of 48 hours[/b]. Players that have already won the contest [s]may participate but may not win the contest again[/s] [b]cannot gain heads from fights and so are unable to participate[/b]. First place will get a [b]golden heads[/b] medal[b], the next three positions recieve a normal heads medal[/b]. Stats rewards will be given for first [s]3[/s] [b]4[/b] positions of all MP groups participating[b], first place recieves double the rewards[/b]. You can see contest progress and more info at the challenge page >[url="http://magicduel.com/sitegizmo/trophycontest.php"]here[/url]<[/quote]

[quote][b]Head contest ended[/b]
The contest ended, first [s]3[/s] [b]4 [/b]positions in each MP group received their reward consisting of important skill and stats improvements, players received medals according to the contest rules. The medals are given as acknowledgement of their perseverence and skill. The players that won the contest are ...... Thank you all for participating and see you again at the next contest...and remember, the head contest is UNFAIR :))[/quote]

keep bugging him, he keeps being busy :)
at least this is something to refer to so i dont have to remember what needs changing

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