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Rp - How Do You Eat Yours?


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RP in MD

By the time you have written it, it is done, it is written into the history of the "world" for 6 hours and into the active memories of everyone who enters and reads about that location. If this is done cleverly, people can influence others, express their views, or simply interact socially. All characters present, crafted into a history, a single event or snapshot that is to be remembered. By creating different characters, we can interact socaily in ways which we might not in real life. This is the way we can create good social memories, ones which are enjoyed and may be taken with us wherever we go. For example, Mur and his feeling about his Knator Commander.
This RP world is seperate from others that you might experience. And everyone brings things to it, brings with them something unique.
Whether everyone likes it or not this IS a RP game, and has been constructed so that we can exist in a world that is different from our own. Otherwise we might as well all be sitting in blank white all day.

Making this world work

1. by creating a character - someone or something which others can either physically or mentally imagine, be this in actions(speech) or by thought (personal profile like)
2. maintaining this character in an effective way. its more effective to arrive in the same way every day then to not bother arriving at all. Be kind to people and not expect them to read your profile, but RP in a way which gives hints and clues without forcing them to look.
3.Acting realisticly - *picks up a boulder and smashes MD to bits* weve all seen it. *picks up a shovel and whacks it around his face until he dies* . do actions which might be able to be done quickly, such as flicking a pebble at someone, or stealing in for a kiss (not to be confused with windy unevadable Smooch fest :P) otherwise give them to chance to react *throws a flaming rock at Z's face* is 10 times better then *smashes the flaming rock into z's face causing his brain to explode* You dont know if the other character doesnt want to get hit! BE POLITE! :D thats all everyone wants.
4.characters which are human - i know everything about you because i read your profile and therefore i know you. not realistic, just plain stupid, thats whyyyy i think sometimes people (and me whos very guilty) write WAY too much on it. whats the point in writing all thats stuff if it doesnt correlate to how you behave or people can even see a slight resemblance

(ok bored now :P)

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Well i do agree with some things.
Ok, ok, I agree with them all. But as far as i'm concerned, i see Rp more and more rarely, except some *cough* particular *cough* Rp cases.
Anyway, that was not the point of discussion. I myself prefer to RP about... at least something close to everyday activities (except blinking around XD)
but i prefer a more.. funny approach. i guess that's because of lack of fun IRL but i dislike RP's of 'death and OMG call the police' stuff. i think we should just keep it funny :D

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I eat mine medium rare. :D

Meaning, I like charecters with a touch of a tang. I mean, it may sound like god modding if I say *Nim smashes a pie on Marv's face* without giving him a chance to say whether he dodged it or not, but its exceptionally humorous to read *Marvolo licks the entire pie on his face with his super long tongue*. I mean look at it! It makes you roll on the floor laughing and also brings out the best in marv, forcing his brain to brainstorm, to try and bring the situation in his favour. For me, thats what make RPs interesting. Humour as Aeo said, I think is the most important part of an RP... It helps lighten moods and makes the whole thing enjoyable.

It has to be parallel to RL, i agree. But whats the fun if its all too realistic? I mean, I cant bake a Devil's food cake in RL. But sure I can make that in an RP... RPs have to have a bit of crazy unrealistic stuff in them too... Gives an element of surprise... :D

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Roleplay is a medium in which anything well done is rare.

More seriously, I prefer roleplay that shows a [i]presence[/i] in MagicDuel. When characters reference things from real life, things they should in most cases have no way of knowing, they erode the illusion of the fantasy setting. Characters who speak as though they think of things from their own perspectives as opposed to the users' - no matter what that perspective might be - help solidify the illusion of the fantasy. Many players in MD have created outlandish characters. That's fine, as long as the user has given some thought to how differently the outlandish character perceives the world from the way a normal person does. Your character is half-demon, half gryphon? Very well: show through your speech, your actions, and your story how this character perceives the world differently from the way you, a human being, perceive it... and be willing to account for how, exactly, your character came to be in the realm of MagicDuel. If you just say, "well, that's my heritage/backstory" but otherwise act and speak like a human being, I'm likely to ignore your character (at best) or make fun of you (more frequently).

What a character can do is interesting, but equally interesting is what a character [u]cannot[/u] do. I see a lot of characters with supernatural powers, but very few with natural (to say nothing of supernatural) limitations. Characters with spell-like powers but no outer magic (systemic) spells have always been very uninteresting in MagicDuel, where spells can be earned, and with the Wish Shop up and running that has never been truer than it is now. If you claim to have powers, you should be willing to earn them in such a way that the magic system of MagicDuel validates your claim.

I the thirty years or so I have been roleplaying, I have encountered many players who prefer to engage only the system (these players are often called powergamers or min-maxers in tabletop RP gaming, whereas MD tends to call them grinders) and ignore most if not all roleplaying concerns, as well as players who prefer to assert their own roleplaying vision over the system (these players are sometimes called roses in polite terms and many uglier things as well). Though I do make exceptions for exceptionally creative players, I tend to regard the ability of a roleplayer in terms of how she or he uses the constrictions of the system to present her or his character. In other words, I have the most respect for those who fight [u]and[/u] roleplay, using the system to arbitrate conflicts and represent character "powers" wherever possible.

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What makes roleplaying interesting to me is creating the story. I do not mean the personal stories that we all have but the story we all create through our roleplaying. In the past I mainly roleplayed through forums and I loved to create characters and create a story through their interactions with others. MD is more of a special sort of roleplaying since you live it everyday, in a sense. Your character goes through a daily routine of sorts and lives out their lives.

What mainly catches my attention on a character is that they stand out in some way. Not that they godmode but through how they roleplay and interact with others.

In MD it is hard to be the "evil/bad" person because of the character being there almost everyday living their lives. So in a sense it can be hard to keep a character true to how one designed it but that to me makes it all that more interesting especially if one is able to keep multiple characters that are all different and adds to the experience of MD. Well I have forgotten what else I was wanting to add... I might add more later :D

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I play this game for Roleplay.
I have a great time on it, and I work hard to make sure my interactions with other players make sense and are as fair as I can be.

When I roleplay a combat, I react however the combat comes out.
If I'm feeling really boisterous, I'll even roleplay my intention to attack them and only make the attack when it makes sense (like what happened recently when I was turned into a werewolf, thanks Burns :D)

My favorite things to do are to just find a quiet spot, and sit there for a few hours crafting an RP trail for someone to find, like the months I spent cleaning pheasants for the Loreroot Inn ("The Root of the Matter Inn, If we don't have it its not important")

But I think its really important and enjoyable to be able to roleplay spontaneously with other characters, and while it isn't vital to stay "In Character" all the time, it is of benefit to choose a character you are similar to in RL, so even when out of character you can still make who you are IC grow richer and fuller.

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[size="2"][font="Courier New"]I will firstly say "Hi" since this will be my first post on these boards... so ; "Hello!"

My character in game is still in early developtement stage meaning, I dont have a clear image about it yet as how I want it to be. But I find that a fun part because it gives me all the freedom of creating and it will be interesting to see how this character will, well, for lack of better word, grow. I do have some faint idea of what will all be about, hence the name of Lady Dawn.
I dont want to put to much of my rl into her but that is mainly because there are things in my rl that I want to put aside for at least few moment in order to not loose my mind but at same time I am fairly convinced that all rl cant be blocked from entering, may it be consious or unconsious...
The Lady Dawn character wont be build upon who or what I realy am but will most definetly reflect certain aspects of being me and in a way, people who will get to know her will actualy get to know me, maybe even better as if they would know me if they would meet actual me in rl. It is most posible that at the end (even if there will be no end) she will become integrated into me as much as I into her. Do I make any sense at all?

In any case, I love to rp so I will probably be leaving lots of "temporar" imprints over the land may it be story-driven or just me walking around and noticing diferent things it may be funny sometimes or sad, it depends and will depend on my mood.
Also, the "backup" story of my character will grow as she will grow and some things that will be written shall change if she changes, alas, for now she is still just a fogy outline on the canvas but that will become different with time.

Thank you very much for reading and I am looking forward to meet you all in the world of MD (some I already did ;) )![/font][/size]

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