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Md Real Coins O.o

Muratus del Mur

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Listen to this ...
i can make COINS, gold plated (24k), silver or bronze. I mean like REAL COINS with 3d engravings and writing, just like currency coins. Diameter of about 40mm (1.56'). Problem is that i need to do at least 100 or they wont create the dies, so i cant just do a few for those that want, i must do all or none.

I can cover a big part of the cost myself, but i wont do them without first checking if enough people are interested in this and also take preorders.

I have a few ideas, but remember, only one of them can be made real, i can't make one of each.

1) Matte or Shiny gold plated , marked with "1 Gold" or something similar, refering clearly to the gold coins in MD.
2) Silver with 1 Silver, refering to the Silver coins in MD. Silver looks better than gold it seems.

Advantages of making them currency coins with a value is that people could get more than just one.

3) Bronze or any of the other options, with something generaly valid for MD, like log on one side and "something" else on the other (i have to think about it and it good). Maybe a thematic coin of some sort. If i am planning to make these in 100 coins series, each time i do a new series it could have the same main design but with one side changed (like Euro is in each country).

Bad thing is that if its general , there is no reason to get more than one, and there won't be 100 individual buyers for sure.

Other "communist" ideas:
4)put a tax/donation/optional payment of 3-5 credits for all players and then give these as awards based on different reasons (but not to those making the credit payment).

5)Use these both as rewards and purchased items (it wont be fair!) until i can get a second type of coin just for one of these purposes.

Gold plating is more respectable, but in my opinion looks bad, contrast is low and if its matte its two faded (its also more expensive). Silver doesnt look like actual silver, its more like a grey (see pics) but keeps better contrast and resembles more actual coins that are in currency. Bronze is the cheapest material, and it has low symbolic value, but looks great and heavy, especialy the 3d one (thats almost as much as the flat gold one).

I wished i could get these to you for free, but obviously i cant. I also have to make a price differentiation between those that preorder and those that will order later, or none will preorder at all. So i am thinking of this. The preorders will be priced at exactly the cost price. So whoever gets them with preorder will have the minimum price possible, but i can't guarantee a price because i have no idea what are transport and customs taxes exactly. So for preorder price will be a lot smaller, but might fluctuate a bit.

Estimate price, without shipping from Romania to international:
With preorder (actual coin cost from mint, plus shipping here, without any profit or taxes added by me) is about 7$ (+/- 1$) plus 1$ for gold matte plating (depending if thats the coin will be made or not).
Estimate price after, without preorder, 12-16$ (includes MD profit part, handling)

These are raw estimates, its first time i work with this provider and i have no clue what will be at the end.

They will have to be shipped here in Romania first, then i will send them to you. The shipping from me to you will be depending on location, i have no idea how much, but you can check out with your local shipping services to get an estimate quote. For more coins in same package the shipping will be almost null for the additional coins so you will get a much better price per coin if you get more. I am thinking maybe for people in same town you can join and get them all in one package to save shipping costs and then meet and get them in person.
(In Romania you can come and get them from me if you are in Bucharest or domestic shipping charges via Fancurier, Cargus, etc)

So, i am waiting for your opinions.
Because this topic might get very big very soon, please write only if you are realy planning to buy. I am sure most of you have good ideas about this, but those that will actualy buy them should have a heavier word than others.

Check out samples:
I marked them with letter so you can refer better to them if you want to indicate a certain model in the picture.

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[quote name='Muratus del Mur' date='19 December 2009 - 04:27 AM' timestamp='1261218476' post='50607']
The whole post above.

By Golly, you've done it again, Mur. (Mr. Magoo imitation) I fully endorse this ambitious project of yours. I am sure Windy and I will like to have a coin each! Put us both on the pre-order list please.

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i would buy one if i could..... most likely won't be able to though..... :)

[color="#0000ff"]IAB, this is spam!
I will not delete it since you asked for examples.
THIS is one!

[color="#ff8c00"]no it's not, i was just providing my input

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I was wondering.. How can we pay it? Since im in the 'under age category' :)

Well I'd gladly buy one :D

And design idea: that one 'symbol' ... Hmm, no idea if it has a name but I think it looks like a pegasus >.< that one thing at the gallery in the cake also >.<
Well, I hope you know what I mean :D

Edit; Forgot color >.<

The Silver one is best imo...

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I prefer silver. If no 3d is available ... then C is ok for me (even D or F works fine depending on the price).

I don't know why someone would want a bronze one, they need special care.
True, A looks nice.

So, lets see some prices.

Marv, I think that those are just for presentation of ... colour :)

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[font="Comic Sans MS"]B and C would look awsome :X

I'll surelly buy one of those [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/happy.gif[/img]

I love the ideea

I'm from Bucharest ,but I'm barelly 15...but I don't think that's a problem since we are in the same location [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif[/img][/font]

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i'd definitely go for a silver one, maybe more if there's more than one model. price seems very reasonable to me - i mean, it's less than a jack daniel's in some clubs, and for some reason i drink plenty of those :))

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i really like the coins have thought of ways to use custom coins for things before and think they will go over well

i think the bronze ones are the est looking ones then the silver

even the colored ones have a certain appeal

as for design i think i would like to see the bird logo on one side and MD on the other side if only one was made if more than one

perhaps a small selection of some of the creatures on one side and a game location on the other side

as far as ordering them i would indeed as soon as my new work starts paying off early next year

if i really like how they turn out then i could see ordering more to use for gifts or awards also

anyway this is my 2c

The Metal Mage

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[quote name='Muratus del Mur' date='21 December 2009 - 08:39 AM' timestamp='1261406351' post='50731']
I don't think we can get enough preorders to reach that minimum order :D

Luckily I'm going to open the checking account so I can get paypal but I look and you are not certified so im out of luck.
By the way 3d silver looks great and its rather cost efficient as well for what you are getting. The bronze looks nice but the color scheme with the shadows sort of takes away and what you get for the gold not as great also the 24K gold plating will rub off really easy.

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