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Christmas Tree And Alts

Fenrir Greycloth

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I presume that as long as a player gets profit from their gift, and the alt gets profit from theirs, and they aren't used to purchase the same thing (etc.), then yes, it is allowed.

In other words, if I sell an aramor from my alt and have the profit given to my main, then that's not good, but if I have the profit given to the alt and it never has anything to do with the main, then that's alright.

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(as far as i understand it) Alts are/were allowed to collect christmas gifts.

Alts created for the purpose of the christmas gifts is not allowed.

Gifts are not allowed to be transfered between accounts of the same user.

LE: @Bell, players were not allowed to transfer between their own accounts anyway, even before this, this did however prompt Mur to do something to make it harder for players to do things like this in the future

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I was actualy surprised and confused when I have seen the announcement but not because of the restrictions but because it was previously clear to me that "trading" betwen chars that are played from same IP (regardless if it is an alt or actualy another person playing) is not allowed.
It is actualy sad that people cant be trusted to not abuse things... :D
Anyhow, I for one, am happy to see that it became harder now for those that do those things, so way to go Mr. Mur! :)

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Actually there should be an option to delete your ALTS acounts. This way we can be small and eassy for the officials to keep and eye on us.
The other option we have is to allow only 3 accounts per players. In this case players can use the other Two accounts to develop their main one. It will be fair as 90% players do feel that they have played wrong and want restart again. Also the game developer will have more time and can concentrate on the game and Bugs issues instead of finding who is abusing which alts.

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lol, allow supporting your main with 2 accs? yeah, sure... that's what we always wanted to do...

abusive helping is not allowed, and still it's done, period. murry can't come up with rules to stop that, it will still be done, just a bit more secretive and around one-three corners, if you understand enough about internet and his tracking devices, you can outsmart them. There is just one way to stop it, it's banning the people who overdo it, manually and one by one as the need occurs

And that's not a thing Mur needs to worry about, he has a few advisors who keep their eyes open, when abuses run out of hand, he'll check and ban, a matter of 5 minutes, or check and decide to not ban, a matter of 4 minutes.

that's my opinion on those matters...

PS: strangely enough, 5 of my adepts got active all of a sudden after 5 months of being offline to fetch christmas presents LOL

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