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I'm Gonna Be A Dad!


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Well as most know I haven't been on the last couple weeks really... Been dealing with alot of RL issues... And the other day I found out my gf is pregnant. So I'll be around periodically, but there's alot of rl stuff i need to do getting ready to be a DAD!!!

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Get plenty of sleep now. You won't get any after is born.

Tell your gf she's beautiful often. Being large and uncomfortable is hard on the self esteem.

Congratulations and I pray all goes well :)

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@Mya: lol she'd kick my butt if i called her beautiful.

@Chewett: Yea that waiting did pay off a bit, but i did hurry it by buying the tests and putting them on the sink in the bathroom lol... she wanted to wait til next week.

@Fenrir: I'm thinking more of an August baby, but could be in the range of July to September until we go to the Dr.'s next week to find out more.

@Udgard: lol i'm gonna need a Huge Pot to celebrate!!

@Dmik: it will be a drachorn baby lmao.

@Esmerelda: DracHorn Masters don't pass out... They get drunk.

To everyone else: Thanks for the support!!

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Greetings AlekRJ!

Congratulations to you becoming a dad this year.

Now all you have to do is to prepare for the next level (when the baby comes out - always look at the mirror for your eyebags :)

PS. Buy your GF the Book - [b]What to expect when you're expecting[/b] - It's one great book for 1st time mother's to be.


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I feel sorry about what happened brother but as Ladytwin mentioned, don't lose hope. I guess it's just not the right time for both of you to have one but somebody UP there knows when.

PS. I have experienced losing my baby during the 2nd pregnancy of my wife. It was hard to accept but as life goes on, wounds get healed, and we were ready to have one again. Currently I have two kids now.

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[quote name='ladytwin' date='19 January 2010 - 04:24 PM' timestamp='1263918271' post='53039']
aaaaaaaaawwww *hughs alec and his wife* i feel for you both but dont lose hoop i know it sounds weak but i mean it.

I know how you are feeling, the spontaneous abortion (what a horrible term) rate for first pregnancies has actually been reported to be higher than 60% before the 10th week. After the 10th week if this hasn't happened the rate drops dramatically to a mere 25%. Once you reach the 20th-22nd week the published rates drop again to less than 10%. This is why after 22 weeks it is called still born. After a woman has been pregnant once all of these rates drop dramatically (but ymmv).

Fortunately, this really painful reality of getting pregnant doesn't affect the chance of future pregnancies. I too learned the hard way that it is best to follow the general advice and not tell anyone about the pregnancy until at least the 12th week.

I hope you and your girlfriend are ok and maybe realizing that this is a fairly common occurence will give some solace but most likely not, nothing really helped me when this happened to us.

If you really do want to have a baby, take a month off and focus on other things like the two of you.

Best Wishes,


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[color="#8B0000"][font="Palatino Linotype"]*hugs him warmly* I know what you're going through, RJ. I miscarried my first pregnancy. Truly a painful and heartbreaking time. [/font][/color]

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