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Sacrifice Alter Bug?

Blood Prince

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I have the following principles and I have access to all the 5 sacrifice alters in MD.

[*]Principle of Syntropy
[*]Principle of Enthropy
[*]Principle of Imagination
[*]Principle of Cyclicity
[*]Darkness Principle

The problem I have is all of the sacrifice alters give me the first four principles in some combinations. But none give me the Darkenss principle. The alter in Necro used to give me the darkness principle sometime back but not anymore. Therefore I have no place to accumulate the darkness principle. Is this a bug? Any help is appreciated.

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[quote name='apophys' date='01 January 2010 - 03:02 PM' timestamp='1262336527' post='51577']
Doesn't Fenths Beach (GG) give darkness?

Yeah its 5 only I made a mistake :)

But none of them give me darkness. Usually the eternal toiler gives darkness. The one in fenth's beach gives me only imagination. Other 4 gives combination of syntropy, entropy, imagination and cyclicity. No darkness :(


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i've had a similar problem as well with gaining temp. stats. i tryed a certain crit. for the temp. stats and and i get nothing for it, i've tryed several times at diffrent alters all give no temp stats. all it get is a errer message that pops up and goes away rather fast.

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