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I want to make a brotherhood!
I have little or no ideas about this.
I don't want this to just be a male version of the sisterhood.
Something more.
Post your ideas here.

Idea- The Brotherhood will be ONLY for the uninfected..... (unSMOOCHED) Once a Brother ALWAYS a Brother.
Idea- You have to LOVE cheesesteaks
Idea- You help getting more ideas
Idea- It helps you find your role
Idea- We dislike the sisterhood (as an alliance)(not as people)(as in we annoy them)

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  • Root Admin

You have no idea, Nor any real accomplishments in MD currently, and want to form something that, would take a LOT of organisation.

How do you expect to accomplish this?

You have no ideas and cannot expect other people to try and do something like this. And also, where does this "brotherhood" fit into MD?

If you look at the Sisterhood, that i personally think is ok... sorta, it has taken a lot of work to make their group, and they actually had goals and people did things. To me this just looks like you have just had an idea, and blurted it out, without thinking about the work you would need to put into it.

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Creating a brotherhood is a nice idea but having little ideas is not a good one. First of all, as far as I know, When creating a brotherhood or a group, That group must have a mission/Vision or something and most especially the Goal of that group. Questions may arise like, What benefit will the players have if they join the group? What will they gain from joining such group? What does the group stand for?

Camaraderie and friendship is mostly one of the benefits you get from joining any group. But its not enough to create it. What factors does the group have that players might get interested in? If you have answers to these questions and post it in here, players can see if your Brotherhood will stand a chance to be formed, I guess.


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I suggest you read this...


But also, there have been many ideas in regards to this, if you wish to start something do not seek permission to do so, merely do it, do not ask for ideas, embrace your own and find others like minded to pursue such ideas or ideals as it were, but then again there are already too many groups in MD, with little variation to them all focused and geared towards empowerment of their particular group focused through singular entities. Decide first who you are and what you want before trying to get a group together of lost people, with no purpose or substance all that is left are stat grinders. And if all you want is comradery, then join one of the existing alliances.

But thats just my opinion...

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