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Just A Something To Lighten Up My Day In Md :)


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The time has come. Im just posting this to clear up, reveal and more importantly...release myself from a burden. A burden i have carried for over a year.

There have been some discussion that i know of and accusation towards me. Accusations of me betraying MRD and the MR's. Firstly id like to say that i did not intentionaly go against MRD aka MR's. Secondly i did NOT in ANYWAY conspire against the MR's or MRD. Thirdly, I was never kicked out of the MR's. I left it volutarily after speaking with MRD. So anyone who have been saying that the MR's kicked me out of the alliance...Im sorry but that is not true. I myself with my own hand pressed the "leave the alliace botton".

So, what were the causes that lead to me leaving the MR's? These are the reasons i can see:

- Winning the heads contest and assisting another to win. I believe Udgard and Liberty had a "secret" agreement with the MR's to win the heads. (For those that remember, the heads in the old times were won by those the MR's favoured) I assisted someone to win the heads which disrupted the MR's dealings and i also won the heads musefl which was also considered disrupting the MR's dealings again. Both times i did not know of the MR's plans untill it was too late (when stage II was about to start). I was only ever confronted by MRD when ever the MR's felt at risk that i was about to disrupt their secret deals. I do not see this as a betrayal towards the MR's. It was more the MR's own fault for not bringing me into the deal by trusting me and also understimating my skills/capabilities in the heads which MRD and Dst taught me. (Thanks you for that, i really apreciate it:) )

- Helping out too much during the festival when players were "teleported" to GG from the Gate of Age by Shoeps and Simplyzero. I was trying to help Shoeps out here as much as i could as i personaly thought a little help cant possibly hurt towards Shoeps. Plus Shoeps and simplyzero are cool people:). MRD and some people (who i still dont know) did not aprove that i was taking much of the action by the bridge, and i was told this and we created an agreement/system. I dont know if it even worked as i was usualy idle when the system was in place when it was someone elses turn to be at the bridge to help out. (In the meantime the other MRs were busy in GG according to news passed on to me by the bridge).

- Opposing Cryxus openly in the MD Forums to create an alliance of pirates stationed in GG. This i dont reall know what to say. I posted my reply to Cryxus as i did not want to see pirates on GG as it conflicted with my role i was working on. After perhaps a day i was confronted by MRD who told me that i was opposing the wishs of the MR's by opposing Cryxus. I did not know then that the pirate alliance was also part of the MR's secret dealings before i posted my answer to Cryxus. Again i was left out of a deal and i got a blame for it as if i had known about it.

- Offering to take control of the MR's when MRD said he was going to leave MD for good. I did not wish for the MR's to end when MRD left so i offered my helpin preserving the alliance untill MRD chose to come back. I did ths out of loyalty, kindness and friendship. Now that i think about it...I think the whole "MRD leaving" thing was another dea i was left out of. It was just a plan to fram me, idk i might have dug too deep somewhere and the MR's had to disrupt my credibility? who knows.

So, those are the reaons as i see it. I have already apologized to MRD, Cryxus, Udgard and Liberty in several occasions for my messups. I do not wish to be in the center of some kind of MD political...war?

Well now i feel much better. This has always been naging at me when i was in MD. Its a very unpleasant feeling to have when im just trying to explore what Mur has to offer to me in MD, as it is very interesting.

Before i end this post i want to thank Chewett, Shoeps and Dst for being great to me:) You might not have seen how much spport you gaven me but it was a lot. Enough to make me think positive and enjoy MD. You three have been a great contributor to lighten up MD for me and actualy enjoy it even when the whole MR's were against me.

Thanks you:)


For those out there against me, no i didnt post this to aruge my point with you. I posted this to release a burden which disturbed me from enjoying MD.

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[quote name='MRnegative6' date='15 January 2010 - 05:32 AM' timestamp='1263508344' post='52754']

- Winning the heads contest and assisting another to win. I believe Udgard and Liberty had a "secret" agreement with the MR's to win the heads. (For those that remember, the heads in the old times were won by those the MR's favoured) [/quote]

To clarify, I never did any kind of dealing with the MRs to ask for their help in the contest. I [i]might[/i] have a truce with the MRs (I don't attack their members and vice versa - my memory is not that clear though), but that was as far as it happened, if it did happen.

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yeah back then at that month i managed to get myself into deal for help gettin placed first, mrr was supposed to help me with mp3 heads, but i wasnt able to catch him up that often due to timezones i assume, and other allies from that month quit lightsage went to mp5 and mravenger, no idea wot happened with him, so i quit too since i alone had no chance against ya since ya was way stronger than me that month, anyway mrd said that i will get some help but it will be tough especially since ya went alone to win hc that month, so mine deal with him was after ya made your choice, also next month i screwed it up with mrs, i stole theirs 12k heads and was able to hold them for cca 1h in one location :) and was gettin attacked like mad, then mrd came in and took heads from me ofc i had no idea it was mrs business i got told about it but it seemed fishy so i wasnt sure, but when i finally found out it was mrs work it was too late, but during stage2 after stage2's time passed, some mp4 jumped to mp5 and i got placed second, i complained to murry and got mine second chance to win since timer runned out before other dude jumped, in next month i was doin fine, eigger was mine only problem i was unable to catch him that much often due to timezones, but ya came and helped me out by stealin heads from him while i was offline, dude tnx for that

so i guess that this should have not negatively affected your relationship with mrd at that time

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