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It seems that every time I happen upon something rare, I get these really lengthy private mails:

[i]Untitled - Wrong Label
Hi, are you willing to trade your ....?[/i]

Except that half of the time there is a spelling error in this one sentence. I can somewhat understand why these inquiries arrive and I am not really overwhelmed by the amount of them. But seriously, [b]if[/b] I wanted to sell something to just anybody, I would have announced it in the appropriate channels. If you are not going to bother making an offer, I am not going to change my mind either. I haven't had much time to play the game recently and I simply deleted most of these pm's, without replying, so I thought it might make more sense to make some sort of announcement:

[*]I am not willing to trade "Kafuuka's signet ring" EVER.
[*]I am not able to trade those special creatures on that one account I got as a reward, because technically they are not mine. Even if the probability that the last one will be claimed by it's rightful owner is near zero, I am not selling something that isn't mine.
[*]I will trade or gave away my pass papers once the changes to the items are more final. Yes I did say trade or give away: if I don't find anything that makes RP sense for my character to have, then I'll give them away to someone for whom it makes more RP sense to have the pass papers, ie. a citizen. Otherwise I'll use it to bargain with, obviously. Consider this weird/generous/opportunistic if you want.

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I find it just insulting when people don't take the time to make a proper offer, let alone take the time to make the offer legible. Why would I trade something to you if your offer is a tenth of what its value is, especially when you make me dislike you for being an idiot?

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all torture rewards have been distributed to the rightful people. I was very pleased to see the last winner rejoin MD today!
I gave away my pass papers to the second GG person I found online. I hope she's happy with all the spam she'll receive from now on.

Now to balance my karma I'll be gloating a bit to all people tempting me to sell what isn't mine :(

(topic can be closed as far as i'm concerned)

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