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The Principle of Light

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Light, as a symbol and not as a physic phenomenon, is energy,

progress, even life. The Principle of Light stretches itself on a very

wide spectrum, from creation and materialization to the unveil of

information, exorcism, battle techniques, etc.

Like the Principle of Darkness and moreover as well as all the other

principles by their definition, the Principle of Light does not have a

wholesome nature itself, the difference is made by the various

techniques that use the Principle. The evil or good nature of the

influence is given by the technique that is used or, better said, by

the one using it. For example a lightning can be both used to do good

and evil, or exorcism, even though the term is understood as the

estrangement of evil forces, can also be used successfully on forces

that are aligned to good.

As well as the Principle of Darkness, the Principle of Light can

conceal information and create others, still using fundamentally

opposed methods.

The principle of light can modify or even temporary nullify the

principle of balance, but only for short periods of time, thus helping

with the accomplishment of the protection, healing and even temporary

invincibility techniques.

All those things that are revealed, brought to life or put in movement

by using an outer energy are somehow framed in this principle.

The lack of the temporal aspect of an event is one of the differences

between the principle of light and the principle of Syntropy,

otherwise a very similar principle.

From the point of view of regeneration and creation this Principle is

the basis of the techniques that add rather than consume pure energy

for this purpose, like the ones related to the non-living.

From the point of view of the destructive force, unlike the Principle

of Syntropy, the Principle of Light gives birth to those techniques

which destroy trough the contribution of energy and not by its

consume, just like the burning and purification techniques.

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I seek the light, and in saying this, I am a follower of the light and its overcasting of shadows which we must constantly battle when we are not bright enough...

The light Always prevails yet the dark always finds us when we are weakest...

Never Let your Light fade, for it may be your downfall! :)

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