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Romania To Be Invaded


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Well it is almost all sorted after many trials and
tribulations in sorting the whole affair out.

As many of you already know I am getting married this year
and so it has been decided as part of the traditional stag,
that Romania is to be invaded by us Irish. (Unfortunately
there are only 2 of us. The others were either too drunk
or too lazy to get organised :D)

Now we are a small group but I am sure we will consume just
as much as you all can. Or at least we will do a bloody
good job of it. :(

The dates of our arrival will be June 4th. This will be a late
arrival so our first night of our invasion will be slow as that
will be a very long day for us. Firs and I will be coming over
to visit Akasha and Mur.

So for those of you that are willing or just up for some craic if
would be great to finally see some faces. I don't know what we are
going to be doing but I am sure we will work it out. There will of
course be the consumption of lots of alcohol, we could not come
over and not have the Irish try out the local ale. :)

So I figure we can work out some of the plans between now and then
and see what wonders Romania has to show us. I look forward to the
visit and to meet the people of MD that I have gotten to know well.
So here’s to the 4th of June.

I look forward to the fun and the discussions that are sure to ensue.


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It got suggested to me that i extend my stay in RO by another week because of this. Yes, i'll have already invaded RO by the time the Irish get there. Go TEAM BRIT! *cough*

So yeah, if i can get a hold of the flight people i'll try and work out staying longer :D

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Then I guess we shall all meet there anyways. I have already arranged my accommondation days to be same with Grido's for that same reason as well.

Plans have already been made. I will harass Firsan for his muffins, I will wake him do his morning yoga by making him wear his socks and one more think that is a surprise. As for Grido... well I getting a huge sign for him and hopefully high heals on his shoe number! (which is actually Imposible to find!)

I have no plans for Yrthilian... yet! (insert evil laugh here)

And now that I am done... patience...

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*checks the map to see what's the farthest point from Bucharest and then plans a vacation of 1 month there* Ruuun!! The Brits AND one Greek are invading!
But I will leave some nails and a hammer to make Grido some high heals ( I doubt we'll find his size...).

LE:and Irish people as well...

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I am sorry, but I would like to point out that I'm not British. I'm Irish. I have nothing against English people, but I'm not British, end of. I would be equally annoyed if I were called an American or any other nationality.
You might think this is rude or uncalled for, but its a personal bugbear of mine (and for the record about another 4 million people I can think of).

That being said, I look forward to seeing Romania. What little I have seen of it looks lovely.

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