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The Principle of Imagination

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Imagination is the arena in which anything can happen. When the

conscious and even the physical abilities can hinder the

accomplishment of some things, imagination indulges everything to

happen. There is a very sensitive threshold between reality and

imagination. Imagination can be both an aid and a trap, it must be

used moderately and at all times in correlation with reality. Many

techniques can only be accomplished inside our imagination and – at

many times – the absence of a real proof of their effect makes us

believe that the only realm where they took place was the imaginary.

Imagination must be used wisely and not as a result of the frustration

given by the inability to perceive some things or the effects of some


For example, imagination has a very important role in the process of

creation and in reaching the awareness of the complex personalities by

combining a couple of thoughts into one coherent thought, but this is

where it's role stops, the wielding and any other intervention over

the identity created in imagination are made in reality, not in the

imaginary, actually feeling those things. The hardest thing is to

distinguish between reality and fantasy when the things involved are

not things that people are normally educated to perceive. Only

confidence and sincere belief can hold on to the right path the one

oscillating between fantasy and reality. With the help of a superior

self-control, imagination can be used consciously to perceive those

things we are not normally meant to perceive, complex things, things

that are even hard to imagine to some. This is when the phenomena of

conscious dreams combined with reality occur.

Imagination can be an enormous advantage and an extraordinary source

of information to whomever does not fall into its trap. People are

used to perceiving as imagination only the controlled phenomena of

imagination, when they want to live something and they can not and

they imagine it, but imagination stretches to a much wider, mostly

unconscious area. The human body has an extraordinary ability to

automatically apply what is imagined in the real world, a such

fascinating ability that we can talk of imagination as of a temporary

place only used to ensemble thoughts, not a place in which to keep

them captive. Autosuggestion, which can have significant authentic

effects is an example. Imagining certain things must be made with care

as what many times seems as only the imagining of things is actually

the real action. This can vary from person to person, but there are

people who can provoke with only their imagination real and many

times, uncontrolled effects.

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same i did to but then most people would listen to this

get the principle of darkness dundundundah or get the principle of imagination dundundundah

compared to

get the princle of enthropy pruaaap

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Killer2 - Darkness and Imagination (whether combined or not) would have different applications then Entropy. Think of Entropy as negative energy. It disrupts, disintegrates, destroys. It would add to damage and destruction. Imagination would be useful in an illusory aspect, and possibly when dealing with the mind. Darkness would have many applications, but at the same time more limited also. Darkness wouldn't really be useful for damage purposes. But for hiding things, invisibility, and confusion. It is more literal in this game than in many other games. It may possibly be useful as a power enhancement in some areas as well.

At least this is how I understand the system and how the descriptions of these principals will affect what they can do. I may be very wrong :P

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r we supposed to combine with other principle(s)?

because i chose to stick with one principle only

You can stick with one, but i think you should choose others and wait for more features in the game later on that would put the principles to use.

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Imagination is a principle that can stand on its own, so is element, and time. I thought when you use principles that can stand on its own..they would very well compliment each other..

Just a thought , though.

Let's take for example you have imagination...which can bend reality. Think of Time principle, you may somehow in the near future "extend" or "shorten" time. Principle of Element. Let's say you specialize in one, water for example.. You may then utilize your Principle of Imagination, to create anything that has liquid, using the Element Principle. And thereby, utilizing Time Princple to prolong, or shorten whatever you create with liquid that you may use to your advantage..

Hmm, again, just a personal opinion..



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