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A Noobs Guide Towards Greatness


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[quote name='Fenrir Greycloth' date='18 February 2010 - 05:31 AM' timestamp='1266467483' post='54660']
Be friends with the right people. People that don't pretend to be vampires, --werewolves--, or demons.


Smt agains Werewolves eh? XD


Use your mind.
Be creative.

EDIT; Forgot the most important thing!!!!


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[quote name='Grido' date='18 February 2010 - 03:53 AM' timestamp='1266457997' post='54657']
[list=1][*]Learn how to spell your name. Now this may seem simple, but believe me, it's essential.[*]Don't piss off the mods. :D[*]Eat your vegetables![*]?[/list]
5. PROFIT! :)

j/k, had to be done :D

but seriously: interact, get creats, train, fight, train some more, fight some more, learn to read the combat logs, and fight even more :P

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[quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' date='18 February 2010 - 10:25 AM' timestamp='1266488705' post='54671']
find a sugar daddy
find a sugar mommy
stab them in the back once you take what they have! :D


Hmm... lets see...

Be nice... it usualy pays off... at least for a while? :D

Cant realy add anything, I am still a noob... :P

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1. Never let anyone tell you what you can or can't do.
2. If you find yourself at a barrier be it a person or thing, there is always a way around it or through it.
3. Learn how to talk to people, you would be surprised what a little ass kissing can get you.
4. Always be in control of any situation you are in, once you lose control, be it on the forum or inter-personal (to the point of losing your cool ect..) leave, MD will be here tomorrow.
5. Morality is what society makes it, learn this fact then use it to make your own morality.
6. The greatest asset in MD is the people, use them.
7. Power is not Stats, Spells or Abilities, Real power is charisma.
8. Make sure you read any and everything you can get your hands on, it might not be there tomorrow.
9. Never expect anything to be given, when it is be suspicious of peoples intentions (trust only what you make yourself)
10. Never forget its not about gaining power, or recognition, its about having an extension of yourself, if you can manage that you will succeed.

Also Never trust a word I say...

(Never annoy the Mods, they can and will break you)


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1.Pay attention to whatever Granos said before. This game is a lot about manipulation, persistance and networking.

2. Keep your in game issues away from yim or msn chats as much as possible as people's ego's are easily hurt inside and outside the game.

3. Whatever you do, remember, at the end of the day, its just a game. And everyone in this game world is a player. Priortising is important.

4. Choose your friends carefully. Pray you don't make enemies at all. One seemingly harmless enemy could be the tip of the iceburg.

5. Sometimes, being silent helps a lot. Do not ignore cold chat logs. They answer a lot of questions.

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1. Get a notebook with subject dividers.You can Lable each for things important to you. Like Rituals, Names and Flags, Lands, etc, etc.
2. Once you learn something, write down the steps. For example, the Beserker Puzzle.Keep it to yourself. No spoilers! You will need that information. Trust me.
3. Go to the Archives and get your About Me Scroll and Hate Scroll from the Librarian in the Index Room of Memories in the Archives. That would be the MDA Lands.
4. Ask questions and use the Live Help Button for Accurate information.
5. It doesn't matter if the character is a wolf, a vampire or an intellectual snob. They are still people behind the screen with feelings so becareful what you say in game or in Yahoo messenger or MSN.
6. When you are wrong, admit your error.
7. Learn who the mods are. Be nice but don't kiss ass. You don't know where it's been! X D
8. Pay attention to names with Astricks, these are the Live Help Operators. For example: *Princ Rhaegar*, *Burns*, *Sagewoman*
9. Learn to read your map and if you need to, get graft paper ande make your own map.

and finally

10. When Mur, the Creator of Magic Duel, makes those announcements in-game or in the [announcements] at the top of the screen. READ THEM!

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[quote name='nadrolski' date='25 February 2010 - 10:42 AM' timestamp='1267116122' post='55214']
Always remember to brush your teeth, and pray at night before you sleep.

While funny, inappropriate for the context of the Topic.

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  • Root Admin

Its relatively simple, Log in, Have fun, Make friends.

Since much of the game is broken (combat) there isnt much point trying to be "great" in that respect, Just Make some good friends and have some fun!

And if you are looking to be "great" by reading such a topic, you have already failed by looking for greatness.

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Experiment on trying new rituals. An easy way to do that is to ask someone to set up a defensive ritual that is somewhat strong and using a random ritual. Read the fight log and hopefully see why your new random ritual worked/failed.

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[color="#8B0000"][font="Palatino Linotype"]Choose your words carefully. Remember we can't see your face or hear the tone in your voice. What may be funny when said in person, could come across as mean in chat.[/font][/color]

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