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The Impossible Labyrinth


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I have constructed what I refer to as The Impossible Labyrinth, Cutler has facilitated by implementing it into the Astral Plane, and by doing coding for it.

The Labyrinth will open at 00:00 Server Time, on the start of the 19th March. (I offer 2 Silver to whoever replies first with why that date).

There will be a counter visible on screen, whenever it reaches 0, you will be teleported to another identical location. This does not apply to the entrance or exit, you will remain in the same location if the counter reaches 0 there.

I offer 1WP for each of the first three people to reach the exit. If other people want to offer further rewards, they're welcome, please stipulate conditions along with what you offer :P

I state so far in advance, so that there can be less of a question of equal opportunity.

Any questions you have can be aired here.

I have recently formed a Black List, thankfully it's not long so far, but those on it are barred from this and future quests so long as they're on the list, there is always a possibility of being removed from it. Players caught cheating on this quest will be added to it. But players that generally annoy me to a huge degree will be on it, quest makers perogative.

Aphrodite, ID 172344
Death Ray, ID 151228

After opening the Labyrinth, some reviews shortly after participants have entered;
[/b]The Puzzle Master: "your maze doesn't even obay the laws of physics!"
*Awiiya*: "I have no idea where the hell I am!"

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[quote name='Grido' date='18 February 2010 - 02:44 PM' timestamp='1266522243' post='54691']
(I offer 2 Silver to whoever replies first with why that date).

1813: Dr David Livingstone, Scottish explorer and opponent of slave trade

Could it be because an explorer was born March 19th?

Or maybe because the Original Labyrinth was opened on the 19th? :P

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To refresh everyone's memory;

It is now the 12th, there is 7 days till the Labyrinth opens. That's 00:00 on the start of 19th March.

I will state again on the 19th.

Again any questions / queries people have please raise them here.

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The Impossible Labyrinth opens in approximately 10 minutes.

You can access it through the signpost at the start of the actual/realm labyrinth, in the astral plane.

Good luck, and have fun :)

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So it stopped working for me the screen went blank after I had been moving around for a few minutes and so I exited and then tried to enter the maze again but continue to get a blank screen. Is this one of the traps you mentioned?

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If you were going around normally, you wouldnt have triggered any traps.

No, unfortunately the Laby seems a little bugged currently, and Cutler is away for a day or so so it cant be fixed immediately, it's not you.

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I let this little picture of what happens to me when i try to enter the quest, maybe it helps to solve something, or maybe it gives an idea of the bug. Advice me when the quest is back again. I'll participate if i'm not sleeping

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Hi All,

So it looks like one of the measures we implemented to try to catch people "cheating" the maze overran memory and killed the script. I deleted it and it should be all working now. Before that memory problem went only one person was caught trying to cheat the maze (cheaters are listed at the maze entrance). The maze is up now and should work for everyone who is trying the maze honorably.



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Note; This is not the winners list, i still need to confirm certain things, but this is the list in the order of stated completion, time stamp on messages or time on MD clock on screenshot.

~0015 *Awiiya*
~0100 The Puzzle Master (disputable)
~1437 Altrumist
1507 dst
1532 *Clock Master*
~1540 Shadowseeker

Please send me a [u]message[/u] as to how you completed the Labyrinth, as clearly a storage device didnt work properly. I'm hoping the backup that was in place continued to work, and then i'll be able to verify this properly, but i need to speak to Cutler for that.

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Scratch the previous message.

The Impossible Labyrinth is currently closed, it will reopen at midnight start of 24th March (Yes, there's a meaning to this date).

Consider the exploration you've currently had as a trial run, and those who managed to complete it, and to help me fix bugs and issues with it.

Those who have already solved it should be able to solve it easier this second time round as you should know the route.

For information sake, the list of people that have completed the Labyrinth (in an unfortunately un-timestamped storage) are;
The Puzzle Master
Mighty Pirate
*Clock Master*

All issues with the Laby should now be fixed, sorry for the inconveniance, I wish you all good luck.

The Labyrinth may well be altered slightly before you reenter :)

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