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[Poll] Rebalancing Auras



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So, I guess the time has come to start a poll on one of the most game-breaking issues we're facing right now: how boost auras work.

Right now, auras work multiplicatively, so that a 50% damage boost aura will give 1.5 times base damage, two 50% damage boost aura will give 1.5*1.5 = 2.25 times base damage, and so on. With the amount of boost that is given by BPs and rusties (and probably reins), damage can go up to astronomical amount which leads to a current situation where it's almost impossible to defend against it for even one round.

What I am proposing is simple, and in my non-experienced opinion, would not be that hard to code. Change the way %boosts (of any kind, really, not just attack) from multiplicative to additive. That is to say, two 50% bonus aura will give 100% extra damage (2 times base damage). This way, aura bonuses will still play an important part, but battles will no longer be 0 round battles that relies on who hits first with their infinite damage.

So, please vote your opinion on this topic. *hopes that the rest of the community agrees with him*

Disclaimer: after playing almost 2 years, I finally have 4 drachs and will get the GG one tokened tonight. So no, this is not a whine topic. I'm finally going to catch up a bit with the stronger players, but I choose to potentially nerf badly my long-awaited creatures, because I do believe it is for the best interest of the realm.

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While you’re at rebalancing... You should balance angiens burn along with it, angiens def aura (largely overpowered), fix antifreeze auras (that's right, none of the AF aura's work currently and if creatureboost became added without fixing this first a lot of people would feel cheated about buying rusts/reins), fix TS/SW aura (doesn't work at all), fix UP aura, fix moral aura (or add note of it's limitations) and as burns said make creatureboost/attackboost/morale also apply to stats put into the fight and not just creaturestat and token boost.

I'm not against making creatureboost added but ONLY doing that would just shift the combat system inballence from drachs to angiens (as they have been set up to "match" drachorns which is possible right now even...)

The entire combat system DOES need rebalancing but random changes will not help with this, if mur is willing to do the programming to fix certain issues and "balance things out" (shopcreats and tokens should still give advantage of course) we can (or you can) set up a group to carefully consider changes and their effects, not just shifts of the problem (an unwanted shift in this case, as from BP/rust/rein to angiens will make donations go down substantially I imagine)

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i generally agree with the aforementioned (add fixing archers to the list).
not sure about this though:

why would this change shift the focus from dracs to angiens?
do angiens get a seperate def aura at max level? because if it's still the "creature boost" aura we're talking about, the change would effect both creature types equally (% might be different, but it's the same mechanic).

unless you mean that the angiens ratio of VE/power => damage should be also adjusted (which would be a good idea) i don't see why dracs would be at a stronger disadvantage.
all in all dracs might deal less damage than an angien with sufficient VE, but they target all creatures and don't consume the source of their strenght.

anyway, as for all changes with an impact as potentially huge as this, they should have a phase of thorough play-testing to see their effects in actual battle.

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That's exactly the point, angiens will survive hits and then use energyburn (they won't kill themselves and be able to hit with the changes) that deals enough damage to kill the drachs. So, yeah, one of the changes would be adjusting VE/dmg ratio there as it's currently overpowered as well, just not as much as drachs are.

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All this topic can do is making sure mur knows there is a problem he has to fix.., and frankly enough I think he already knows..

Give him time, this is a hard problem, just as a few others, give him time to fix it and quit bugging him ..

[color="#4169E1"]And your post is just spam.
Yes, Mur knows about the issue since few of us pointed it out long time ago.
I personally bug him a lot about it.
The point of this topic is also to brainstorm and find ideas about stuff not merely point out a problem.
Or at least this is how I see it. So, please stay on topic.


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[quote name='apophys' date='24 February 2010 - 06:32 AM' timestamp='1266985936' post='55052']
I haven't dealt with extreme boosts, but angiens alone never kill themselves.

But they do kill themselves. In certain conditions but they are. That's the issue :P

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