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Blackberry Storm Ii


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Sorry Akasha.... my bad! =P

Anyways, iPhone was my first choice until i found out it does not support flash. I wanna buy a phone that I can play MD on.

Heard that there is a possibility that Blackberry supports Flash.

Am wondering if there is anyone that is playing MD on their phone.

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Erm, i was wondering if anyone uses an Opera mobile (NOT opera mini mind you) in their windows based phone. Most mobiles are symbian software based and hence the browsers are not able to support flash.

I did read somewhere that adobe has released a flash player for mobile phones. But havent found any crack or payable source on the net.

Why I wanted to know bout opera mobile is that this particular browser is said to support flash as I have spotted plug ins on net. But I am not sure if those plug ins support MD. If anyone knows anything bout it, please share. It would be wonderful to play MD 365 days an year.

And oh, please do not suggest sky fire coz it sux big time.

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[quote name='CrazyMike' date='26 February 2010 - 05:59 AM' timestamp='1267181950' post='55279']
Yes.... I heard Blackberry supports Opera Mobile which supports Flash Lite.

I am hoping someone already has it, but it looks like I would be the first.

Wish me luck!

Good luck!

Break a leg is used when acting, so break a... cord?... antenna?... codec?... this requires more thought :unsure:

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A non-lite version of flash is (aparently) due to be released this year, Apple have stated they will not use this software on their phones, meaning that (theoretically) you'll be able to play MD on phones with it on them, bad luck iphone users :D



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i have my bb now, having probs with installing as it keeps saying application .cab is not supported

will try to install via my laptop

will update soon

UPDATE: I couldnt install skyfire or opera moblie but i managed to install Opera Mini. Now if only I can find the link for Flash Lite!

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