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Firsanthalas' Description


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[color="#8B0000"][font="Palatino Linotype"]How about this for a description?
Chief cook and bottle washer that also is the master muffin maker of the forest.

We'll even ask for an apron for you :blink:[/font][/color]

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[center][left]I like Tarquinus' and Yoshi's and 'Speaker of the Forest' is popular. :))
try this brew:
[/left]Loreroot Grand Master
Keeper of the Land
Oak Seer
Bestower of Knowledge
Lord of the Root

[left]try any or a combination of the three, let it roll around your mouth like wine, let it sit and linger, and see if you like the after-taste :P
if not, try
Muffin Master
Chef Extraordinaire


The Green Lantern
Captain Planet!

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When I look at you through Windy's eyes, I see a very tall, very attractive elf. Your hair is very blonde, almost white. You have striking blue eyes and a regal demeanor. You wear your kilt with style! You are not overly muscular, but built like a warrior. Did I mention, attractive?

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