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Goodbye For Ever

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ok iam leaving tomorrow is my last day if you want my pets ore things pm me here ore in game tomorrow and if i think you deserve something i will give it to you
most people her made playing no fun for me any more roleplay is not the most important thing ok have fun but whit out me

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Noes! *insert a sob*
Dont leave us! Who will do the burnings and other deliciously nasty things that you do?

But on completely serious side, I realy wish that you would reconsider and decide to bear up with us. But well, if at the end you realy decide to leave, I do wish you all the good things and the nice things in life.

[size="1"]Btw. Can I have your room and just like... everything? [b]*insert devilish giggeling face of three-eyed mosquito*[/b] (just kidding, realy :P )[/size]

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Holy crap! This can´t be...NO NO NO NO way, my dear! I have no words for this, I don´t know your reasons but I am very sad to see you leaving! There is nothing I want from you then to see you staying around. What ever you have as reason, good luck and elso in your life. I will really miss you Tara.

We never had the picknick :P

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This news really saddens me.
We did try to find a time when the both of us were on game,
but our times never matched, (for a tour of the seeds).
It is not often we are both on game at same time.

Consider, maybe, that our times don't match for a purpose.


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due to so many reactions i will reconcider but stil i will take a leaf of absence for how long i dont know untill now i still feel that md is losing its soul

it makes me sad when i play md the last months and i play for fun not to feel hurt ore sad.

until we meet again dont no where dont no when [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHcunREYzNY"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHcunREYzNY[/url]

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Don't give you up and don't gave of what you have now. The people of MD will waiting until you come back. Your totaly awesome and kind the blessing is in you. I am proud to say will meet you and see in the future. Do not say GOODBYE the MD will miss you.

Take a good care to yourself and walk straight:))

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