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Forest Maze


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weird that there will soon be two maze-based quests, kinda fitting for the anniversary of MD labyrinth.
after of months of delaying, it's finally here! yey!

Me and Marvolo made a quest,
thanks to Cutler's marvelous coding and our blessed support of Lorerootian king with sponsorship (no privileges for LRians, don't worry :P), it's here.

rewards: first 3 winners get a WP, first winner gets cannonized in the story in "few stories" topic that I made some time ago.
If I discover sharing info, or cheating in any way, that person(s) will not be able to participate in any event that's related to me :P as simple as that

Ash Arc clickable, pay attention to the text, make a screenshot at the last part and post it to me via forum PM (you will see it in instructions at the end, dont worry), good luck ladies and gentlemen and have fun!
I tend to try our quests to be as uniquer as possible... so... please share your thoughts after you're done with :)

the story goes that strange things were happening in the woods at Ravenhold... and the mystery attracted visitors ^_^ (yea, it starts as ash arc clickable, but ignore that detail :P)
take a look if you dare :P

edit: oh one more thing, I won't be giving any hints or advices, you're on your own :)

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It seems a very original and intriguing quest. I like it so far but I shall be able to tell more once it is over.

Too bad I have no chance on this quest due to so much bug issues. I really liked it but I've lost too much precious time because of this stupid Bug and I think by the time I'll move on to the next step everybody would have finished it already :)

I hope I can get a chance of seeing the entire quest once it is done so i can tell you my opinion of it :P

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[quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' date='27 March 2010 - 07:16 PM' timestamp='1269685017' post='56967']
since none have decoded the picture (third puzzle), there will most likely be made an alternate puzzle, one week from now.
So if no one manages to solve it till that point, it will be replaced. Good luck

Or maybe you could just post a hint/help on that particular task.. It would be more economical, if this is possible..

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no, no he's not lol, it's a bit further along that he's talking about, the code registers you've completed the puzzle (or from when i completed it, it did anyway) so there shouldnt be any need for a screenie.

And whilst i dont know the solution to the picture, i have a feeling that any hint he gives us for it would probably give the answer away

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[quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' date='27 March 2010 - 08:21 PM' timestamp='1269721289' post='57023']
what Grido said :)

although I can tell you this: the picture has 7 words :D

I messaged Cutler about re-posting the clickie (he probably forgot about that 14 days rule, the quest wasn't supposed to be that long to solve! :D)

Princ Rhaegar specifically wanted the forest maze to not be part of the astral plane so it is subject to the 2 week script death rule like any normal script. But I just added it as a special case to the astral eternalize script anyway so it won't ever die again.



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adjustments: there won't be an alternative puzzle.

there are different types of decoding for certain words so I can tell 3 hints.

Each hint costs 1 silver. Marvolo will try to stay at sanctuary in MDA lands (librarian part), so he can check the transcations (once you send him the silver, pm him about it)
Marvolo will answer your hint questions too.

all silvers that are going to be made this way will be in the fund for questmaking, or will be donated to other projects.

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Shadowseeker is the third winner.
Congratulations! :P

1)Clock Master

hope you had fun in quest of Marvolo and me :D

MANY THANKS to Cutler for his coding skills and professionalism, who endured so much to see this happen! :)

also, thanks to Firsanthalas for sponsoring the quest :)

I also want to thank the ones who payed for hints, we have made some good stacks (a little over 20 silvers, Marvolo has the exact data), know that it will be used for either future quests, either events, either supporting a noble cause :)
I wish you all the best :)

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First: Sorry for the Evil picture >:)
I hope all participants enjoyed it :P

second: We gathered 22 silver, which will be used, as Rhaegar pointed out, for other projects to attempt to make MD more fun for you all :D

All suggestions, complaints, and other stuff are welcome :)

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[quote name='dst' date='29 March 2010 - 11:20 PM' timestamp='1269894056' post='57153']
Can someone post the solution of that puzzle? As in how it was supposed to be deciphered?

Yeah, I'd be really curious about that too! :P

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So, the solution to the last puzzle:

(Spoiler tags, for if anyone would want to solve it still...)

If you look at the paper, almost horizontal, you see letters. Same if you turn it so you look from the right side. Its tricky, since its pretty messed up. (You could actually see them without tilting it, but it makes it even worse lol)
The letters form words, the Words a sentence:

"The wolf of the forests of Lore"

Here is a (hopefully) usefull picture to see it



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and to me the paper wasn't as helpful as in the actual quest itself. Since you see marvolo wandering around in wolf form. Add to that the fact before the quest he was in Loreroot waiting for the next full moon it pieced together with a few helpful hints.

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