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Item Scripting

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Here is a collection of comments made about the new item scripting while i was helping him, and he wished me to post the ideas on the forum.

Item Scripts will be used for anything from quest items to anything cool that you want to add something onto your item. But they have to fit in with the current item, so the effect of the item must be believable based on its description.

Multiple Items per Script
Some items will all be linked to one script so that each item will behave similarly. This group of items will be editable by one person and when the script is edited all of these items will change. However depending on the scripting each item can do something slightly different.

An example of this is the various usable alcohol Bottles. They are all different items, but use the same MDscript. However the difference between them is when you run the script is that each bottle will last for a different time. The script has a list of times for the “drunk” effect to last based on which item ran the script. So when one bottle runs the script, it checks the item that is running the script, and then takes the appropriate action.

Abuse of Item Scripts
Due to the fact that the items will have more functionality then the normal Clickable MDscript there will also be a much greater Punishment.

Scripting Items
You will be able to later script items without activating them so you won’t need to script them on clickables, but there will still be an issue of testing the code to make sure it works, there is a possibility of making a “sandbox” so you can test it continually without having to wait the cooldown.

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there are those who want the items to be able to do things like activate certain spells (mostly ones that they already own), change things like vit, or vp, and also some want things like temporary, or permanent (as long as you still hold the item), stat changes, there are also some who want them to be able to teleport you to some place when they are activated (these types of items would have very long times to wait in between uses) and the only one of these that is currently possible is activating certain spells that a person already owns, and even then i don't have the correct direct links to be able to do that because i don't have the direct links that were used in the side-bar cast spells.....

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What is the requirement for scripting items ?


[color="#CCCCCC"]Ann. 1399 - [2010-04-02 03:47:57 - Alpha 9][/color]
[b]Scriptable Inventory Items[/b]
MDScript integrated with inventory items. Such items will have a single editor that can change their code (initial editor) and they can be passed around and used like normal items. I am planning to add a set of dedicated functions that will allow certain functionality for items other than normal clickables. Feature to edit scriptable INVENTORY ITEMS placed in wish shop. This one is placed very deep (250 days, 8 point)

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