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Happy Birthday Magic Duel :)

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Happy Birthday MD

Who would have thought that 5 years ago when the website was put online with that tiny forum, that it would grow to a game with many hundreds of players from all over the globe, united by the common intrest, MD!

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This post, to a certian extent, insults me. To think that you all realize that is is a GAME's B-Day when at the EXACT SAME TIME it is mine. To think that people remember the B-Day of a game but not the B-Day of a HUMAN BEING! Unfortunately, the game's B-Day causes to much commotion and excitement that nobody thinks to scroll down to the bottom of the Forums homepage and to see that MY BIRTHDAY IS THE SAME AS MD!!! It would be even more insulting if you turned this into a Happy B-Day aaront222 and MD post. I'm offended.

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Aaron, last year, after being in game for 9 months, nobody remembered my birthday either, and there wasn't the birthday of the game they play to distract them.

It's pointless, and a little childish, to complain about others not remembering your birthday. How often have YOU started birthday topics? I've never seen you create one, and yet you expect others to? Please be a little more thoughtful.


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off topic:

considering your post i would say MD is older than you aaront
There's no point in bragging about your Birthday if nobody remembers it. Usually friends remember special events in each others life , that should pop out a big question to you.

on topic: Happy B-Day Magic Duel!

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Feliz cumpleaños MD! y que cumplas muchos mas :D

It might seem odd to you but just for fun I looked all over the web for a [b]tomatoe shaped piñata[/b] to celebrate Mur's birth creation. I found pretty weird and sometimes even obcene shapes of piñatas... no tomatoes thoug.
All I could find is this weird monster tomatoe piñata (lets call it that way) which it seams kinda cool.


When you hit a piñata you are blinded, you have no idea where to hit but you know you have to be persistent because piñatas are filled with cool surprises. You might only feel that when you are a kid... I was lucky to get the oportunity to feel that again. :D happy b-day MD


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