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Goodbye... Or Something Else :p

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MD ‘stress’ have been peeking its hands in my RL too…
That certainly shouldn’t be a result of a game.

Something on the first sight unimportant happened to me in RL, and I realized that I spend far too much time here, wasting too much energy and ideas into it, all sorts of Savelite plans and quest ideas, but mostly I just get to surface of it and get swallowed by the daily MD ‘duties’.
No one can deny that MD changed a lot in me… I’ve been here for 1 and a half years, and I’ve changed in many things and gained new perspectives when communicating with such a diverse universe, and I am truly grateful in that… But MD addiction is taking too much from me.
I’m also tired of being treated like an underdog, with dozens of people praying to get their hands deep in my throat for silly reasons and conflicts.
The thing is… I can’t and don’t want to completely fight the addiction… I still have friends here I would not dare to lose contact with… And still have to make sure Savelites Church continues even when I go inactive for some time (yes it is THAT important for me :) -and I guess I will be inactive for a week or two on summer, maybe a holiday… I sure deserve one… we’ll see :) )

What I plan to do is drop duty-burdens and start self-isolation somewhere… in Loreroot :P
No more LHO for some time, till I perhaps gain a will to return… I’m still having second thoughts for mp6… If can somehow maintain it, maybe I will… If I venture in fighting trainings, I’ll again become addicted but just on another way, so I'll avoid that.
I’ll try to stay in touch with events, create some quests, etc. play the game, but on a different level.

To all people of MD, friends and those who think they are my enemies:
Enjoy the realm, but don’t let it cut its way to your RL. Keep it healthy :)
Love you all.

I'll be around if anyone needs me... The rest can ignore me :P

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*ignores him* :) just a joke brother.

Another one is "leaving", hell what is happening in here? Blaimed to go or just bored I dont know, whatever, you will have your decisions and I´ll respect them. You can always count on me! Loreroot lost another worthy character! :P

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It is truly a sad day, one of our most proud, most passionate in Loreroot is going invisible. Those of us in the Eclipse were honored to have you serve with us, and we are even more honored to call you a friend (in game and out).

Should you ever wish to talk to someone, you know very well how to get ahold of me. :)

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I have to second this, Spening too much time here and stuff, putting too much energy in here.
I will become less active myself too - and probably fade.

I have had a great time here, but now I feel like things need to move on.
Its time to put this precious energy in RL stuff.

I didnt make a new topic because all what Rhaegar said also is true for me.

Those who still want to contact me - will find a way to do so.

I will be Idling with a possibility of coming back.

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iam sad to hear that two of the my friends are leaving ore taking time out just wile iam planning my time back in this game *grins* demons cant be killed that easy and soon the time is near iam back to find that two of my friends are not longer there :)

i will miss you both

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