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Voting For 3Rd Place In The Willows Bell Poetry Contrest


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This poll is for who should win the 10 Silver Prize for third place in the Willows Bell Poetry Contest.
[b]Voting closes at 03:00ST on day 125[/b]

Fyrd Argentus - The Ballad of Marind's Bell
[quote]Marind's Bell's the Capitol,
With open arms it welcomes all,
Willow's Walk and Angien Hall,
Home of raucous Carnival,
Come see!
Struck by grandeur, bathed in light,
Moved to laugh or moved to fight,
Clothed in metal, wielding might,
Enjoying Life with great delight,
You'll be!
We are the gate to the MDA,
Champions fight or come to play,
Seat of mystery, some would say,
We'll hold the blight of shades at bay,
You'll see!
But do not think us all a Saint
For even Angiens have a taint
Paradise for sure this ain't
And rosey view I would not paint
For Thee!
Now peace is fleeting like the frost
By wars this land we did exhaust
And murder foul came with high cost
For Marind's soul now wanders lost
Poor she!
And ruined does the city lie
Perhaps to rise yet by and by,
Now truth it is so hard to spy
But don't despair and do not sigh,
I plea!
We guardians of a lost city
Find strength in our diversity
Marind's Folk in league, you see,
Champions of adversity
We'll be.
The Winderwild on graceful wing,
And Scout of Air, both news will bring,
While many Birds of cheer all sing,
Of winged tower and noble King,
From tree!
Heretic Archers by our side
Speak truth to all and never lied
For truth to show and never hide
Is what you'll seek if here abide
With me!
Angiens flare beside the shrine
And Elementals form a line
Here by a lake of tears of brine
This is the home that I'd call mine
With thee![/quote]

Blackwood Forest - Ruler of the sky
[quote]Some time ago I found an egg,
I took a look, without a scratch!
Grabbed it from that open shrine,
Whispered silent – now you are mine!
Kept you warm and safe as well,
Days have passed upon your shell.
Then one day, I heard you knock,
You hatched out, and broke your lock.
Thiny little birdy mine,
I will need to feed you fine.
You should guide me well in fight,
Some day maybe when you gain might.
For now you´re sitting on my shoulder,
Freezer in battle, crit's get colder.
Make them move none at all,
Now I strike, they will all fall!
Now your aged, increased at size,
Choosing you, back then was wise.
Giant bird, supporting friend,
By my side, until the end.
When I aid the wounds of mine,
I let you fly until skyline.
Proud ruler of the sky you are,
Let my spirit with you soar!
But what do I see, another bird?
Approaching there, it comes from the north.
Now the battle will be even,
If there wouldn't be the token between them :D.[/quote]

Indyra Sirenias - Solitude
[quote]In the barren heart of the desolated desert,
Where the sand sheds his immortality,
Somewhere in a concrete time and Universe,
Where happiness, arise it's verse.
In the blue abyss of the eternal glaciers
Where the wind sings his whispers
Where the waters splash on hard rocks
Where destiny was never present.
There is a desolate, deep, hidden place
Where the wind eulogizes burials
And tears sink it into crying sighs,
There I am. A soul lost in one word.[/quote]

addy - Shores of happiness
[quote]Insanity grips me,as my mind begins to sway,
It takes a path away from which I want to stay,
Images of her face flow through my mind,
Whenever this happens,a pain I do find,
This pain I have fealt so many times before,
Insanity grips me,and I lose my shore,
Shore of happiness is from where I sway,
To the land of misery,here to stay,
Sometimes I wish things weren't like they are,
Sometimes I wish joy and sadness were at a par,
Till now I have been sunk in tides of sadness,
The pain I experience driving me to madness,
Sometimes I wish things didn't happen like they did,
It seems as if from me happiness has gotten rid,
If only the shore of happiness wasn't so far still....
If only my life wasn't crushed like hay in the mill....
If only I am not tormented whenever I think....
If only I didn't think about her whenever I blink....
If only this pain I didn't have to endeavour....
If only this pain wasn't with me forever....
If only things weren't like they are....
If only the shore of happiness wasn't so far.... [/quote]

Lord Beta Wolfeyes - The Truth Behind The Eyes
[quote]When you look,
In to the Eyes,
Of the people that you love.
Do you see a Playful Devil there?
Or the Angels high above?

When you look,
In to the Eyes,
Of the people that you know.
Do you see a Pit of Darkness there?
Or the Innocence of Snow.

When you look,
In to the Eyes,
Of the people on the streets.
Do you feel all of their Bitterness?
Or the Kicks of many feet?

When you look,
In to the Eyes,
Of those about to die.
Do you see a Bliss of Ignorance?
Or the Fear within their Eyes?

When you look,
In to the Eyes,
You see within the mirror.
Do You wish to Know all of these things?
Or do You even Care?[/quote]

BFH LIGHTHING - Magic Duel Adventures in our Lives
[quote]A game was created,
for us to enjoy.
Magic Duel Adventures has been named,
by his creator in joy.

Fighting, sharing and socializing,
makes us realize,
the incredible features,
this game provides.

Oh! Magic Duel Adventures,
you are part of our lives.
Many didn't realize,
your position in our hearts.

We thank you,
for the fun you provide,
because without Magic Duel Adventures,
we truly can't survive.

No other game,
could be compared,
with Magic Duel Adventures,
the best of all games.[/quote]

Grido - Unlucky
[quote]One, Two,
Three, Four,
I open my arms,
And head out the doors,

Slap go my hands,
On the narrow door-frame,
Bang goes my head,
On the low ceiling pane,

I set out for the day,
With bruises and sighs,
Not knowing if it,
Will get better or worse,

Walk down the path,
With a hop and a skip,
Trip over a rock,
And land on my hind,

Now down the street,
I go under a ladder,
Step on a crack,
And there goes my mother,

Now into the shop,
I sit down with a cry,
It isn't my time,
Not yet to die.[/quote]

Allyce - Amalgam
[quote]And I don't kill the deeps of darkness with my mind,
Because of magic spells
And other misterious things that I could find.
Because of my traveller body
Which meets a sparkle in a morning
From the beginning of the life, till the end and beyond.

But, in a few days you'll find your shadow,
Your fairy and unpredictable soul,
Which has nothing to hide.
Isn't watched or kept by any guardian,
It travels alone and it's always tired
Without any doubt we'll catch it,
In the place that we know.

Only the sparkle remains after all this damn amalgam
And it's sweet or maybe sour.
It'll be my insomnia which you'll know.
But leave my mind, come into my heart.
We'll still make it trough
We'll pass together the path of earth, sky or moon,
And we'll take the first tought and leave this world.[/quote]

Full chat log for the event (including other poems) here:
[attachment=1644:Willows Bell Poetry Contest, Willows Walk 0001-0230 (3.5.10, Day 122).doc]
[Asterdai's poem is not included, as he requested for it not to be]

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[quote name='Grido' date='03 May 2010 - 11:06 AM' timestamp='1272845208' post='59179']
Full chat log (barring Aster's poem) now uploaded.

Every poem was great in my opinion, just a shame we cant all win, hehe.
7 prizes, 11 entrances, almost everyone will get a prize :D

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[quote name='apophys' date='03 May 2010 - 12:47 PM' timestamp='1272851232' post='59189']
This is for 3rd place? Have 1st & 2nd been decided or does that come after?
1st place went to Awiiya, Phantom Orchid was a close second.

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Voting is now closed, the third place winner is Indyra Sirenias at 10 votes

The winners are:

1st: Awiiya
2nd: Phantom Orchid
3rd: Indyra Sirenias
Judges Choice award: Asterdai
Judges Choice award: Fyrd Argentus
Judges Choice award: Blackwood Forest
Judges Choice award: Grido

This topic, and the other related one, can now be closed.

Edited by Kyphis the Bard
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