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Hossa And Hello

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my Name is Lord_Asator (ingame) some call me Asa and some call me Daniel in real life ^^.
I´m a new player and decided to join this great forum community.
A guy named Blackwood Forest has told me a bit about this game and I tried it and what shall I say??
It´s great. And now, after nearly 18 days of playing MD I want to join the forum and say hello to all.

And again...hello all ;)

If someone wants to know more about me or wants just to talk feel free to mail me or talk to me ingame.

Greetings from the north...Lord_Asator

ps: Sorry for my bad language but I´m working on it

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Hey Asator :P

And welcome in our world :D. I hope you enjoy the game.

p.s.: i'm having the same little problem with language, but I'm also working on it. ;) and aonther thing, where are you from? ;)

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hehe thanx a lot for the warm welcome.

I´m from good old germany :)

If I have some questions I will ask you. Thanx for the option to ask you.

And now...see you ingame or around here in the forum.

Lovely greetings from germany...Lord_Asator

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