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How Can I Get User Action Points?

Fyrd Argentus

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Lets say you want players to have... magic points.
Minimum 0, maximum 50. Every hour they get 5 magic points and they use them one your clickables.

Compare the current time to the last time they accessed some place, and adjust the points accordingly.
For example, they opened the chest of bacon at 14:00, and had 30 magic points. Now it is 16:00, that means their magic points should increase by 10 and they are left with 40.
They use 15 magic points to cook some bacon, now they have 25 magic points etc.

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Why exactly? The only way that looks useful to me is to see how bad people got lost when going from one clicky to the other, but a number of things could interfere with it: regeneration timer, free credits...
I hope you're not considering to impose a check to see if people have exactly 5 ap, to allow them to continue?

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Indeed AP is a very inflexible game mechanic for quest use. You also have to account for things like faster regen times or greater storage capacity.
That is not to say AP could not be used, but it seems very limiting to both the quest maker and the player questing.

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