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Possible Combat Bug Tracking Losses?!


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Here is the situation:
I am at the Willow Shop where the two guards stand.
My win/loss count at that time was 8, 3.
I created a fight mix and fought the first guard.
At the end of the fight I got my xp and my win count boosted 9, 3.

Now I attack the second guard....and I lost.
At the end of the fight, however, my loss count did not increase.
I fought the guard 3 different times and my loss count remains at 3.

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[quote name='Espartano' date='24 July 2010 - 09:23 AM' timestamp='1279988634' post='64532']
Perhaps that answer is pretty simple, NPC does not add count losses.

Interesting...because NPC's are all I've fought. That is how I got 3 losses -- by fighting the Shades.
But tomorrow I shall seek out players to lose to.

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