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Hello Everyone.

I want to thank everyone who has expressed their thoughts and prayers to me since Windy let it be known I had seizures on Thursday.

Three years ago I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. I had up until Thursday, been seizure free and been off medication.

Thursday I had a grand mall seizure and a petite seizure and was taken to the ER. A Cat Scan revealed that there has been significant changes since the last one was done. I have a narrowing of a vein between the temple and mid temperal region on the left side of my head and occasionally the blood backs up like those nightmare traffic jams of trying to get into a city during rush hour.

This time the picture showed shrinkage and scar tissue. Basically, some veins have died, leaving spaces visible to the eye. I am back on Kepra, an anti-seizure medication, and I am not allowed to drive. And I just got my license renewed too! I am now waiting for a MRI to be scheduled and a consultation with a neurologist.

I am usually very tired after those seizures, however, when I am not experiencing those, I am just fine. Thank you all for your supportive pms. I will continue to participate in Magic Duel as per usual.

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Seizures aren't fun. They're not fun to see one experience, either.

It's good that you are doing fine. Hang in there, and you should be fine. Take care of yourself, as you have been, and you should be fine. :c

Take care.

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Hello Sage...I saw this topic few minutes ago..and i dind't understand first...but now i do understand...

But...there is a but all the time...you must be strong and take care of you (which i know you do have care of you)

I know that you'll be fine, usually what i want to become true, become true...and now i wish that you be fine and healthy :D

take care !!

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Your friends have been thinking of you. Wherever and however we may differ, we are your friends. Take care of yourself, and don't forget to enjoy life as best you can. Wherever you are, be it in MD or in the rest of the world, your friends, if they are good friends, will think of you and continue to wish you the best.

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Sage, as I said in my PM, my thoughts are with you. I am so glad you are feeling better and back in the old cabin :)

You are such a considerate, sympathetic and honest person. A true friend to all and a role model in this sense.

Now, as has already been said, put your feet up, relax and show those newcomers what's what :)

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Hey.. I didnt realise, only just seen this message of yours.

I had a siezure (photosensitive or something) a while back, and i know how it can leave you drained, and feeling vunerable.

I wish you the best in your hard time and wish that it can be sorted and doesnt get any worse, or hinder you more in your everyday life

All the best and my love


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