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Accusation Of Being Master Hitoshi :excl:

Sasha Lilias

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[color="#FF0000"][color="#0000FF"][size="4"]I would like say that I am completely against this accusation.

I have never(and never will) had a male account. I have CREATED accounts for friends such as Mcvities Shadow. Apart from that they are their own account.
I WILL NOT be held responsible for what they do, so I see this punishment highly unneeded and unwanted.

If you wish to contact me(mur) then my email address is on my profile page, otherwise I shall be contacting you shortly.

~Sasha Lilias~[/size][/color][/color]

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  • Root Admin

[2010-08-01 21:24:09 - Stage 10]
To avoid confusion, unwanted penalties and such, avoid giving wp to work colegues, people playing md from same computer or network, brothers, sisters, etc. If my alt checker sais you are alts, you are alts. period. I don't care if you are not but you look like you are. If the alt checker sais you are it means you can abuse same things alts can. So that you know, i can determine with a shocking precision if you are just using the same computer or if you are indeed two different people using same computer. There is however, like in everything, a chance it is wrong. .. to be clear .. that chance does not count in your favor. Avoid geting penalised and you will be fine. If you get in jail for something you didnt do but you cant prove you didnt, its your bad luck.

I assume this can be closed now?

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