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Possible Problem: Item Image Upload.

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I have done a few illustrations for some items recently, and noticed a bit of an issue.

When I saved the images as transparent .gif and attempted to upload them, I got a message saying that the uploader did not recognize the file type.

I then decided to try transparent .png and it let me upload the images without the previous message appearing, yet now they have not been approved.

I wonder if this is an issue with the uploader, or my own personal error?

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I will try although all i can tell you are speculations.
From what I know, Mur is a bit lazy (sorry Mur :))) when it comes to approving avatars (I heard people waiting for more then a week). Also. I know for a fact that every time he denies an avatar (i don't think he would do otherwise for items) he usually writes a small explanation about what's wrong with it. So, my guess is...your pics are still in pending...

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  • Root Admin

[2010-04-22 02:29:51 - Alpha 9]
Custom Item Images
Uploading your own image for an item is now possible. [b]It needs to be transparent png,[/b] 80x80px size and under 20kb. You can change or add an image for a inventory item in your inventory detail page. Just click the inventory link on the side bar then the details link. These images will follow same approval process as the avatar images. It will take a while untill you will figure out how to export the images but once you do it will be easy. Adding or changing an item image can be done only by its current owner and costs 1 credit.
- R

The issue is the text on the upload page
Images must be 80x80 px,[b] png,[/b] alpha transparency, 8-bit, max 20kb
Background should be transparent as in the sample image Download sample source file, edit with fireworks or photoshop, [b]export as transparent gif.[/b]
i feel the last section should be removed, as it says export as transparent gif

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