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Goodbye Eon!

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My wonderful buddy, Eon, who is wonderful and awesome and knowledgable, if a bit stalkerish...


Not right, man not at all. u u

But anywho... You will be missed, my friend, with your quiet staring, collecting knowledge... being a dirty little stalker, helping newbies [such as myself when the time came around], and your cute little jokes [well, not cute but they made me laugh. :c].

I would like to think you were an asset to MD, and a valuable player when it came to helping the newbies.

You will certainly be missed, if not by others, then certainly by me.

Do take care of yourself, and be safe.

AND KEEP IN TOUCH. ; ; Please and thank you.

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See you in three months Eon when boot camp finishes!
i hope you are treated well, and get the most out of it that you possibly can!

Be back for Christmas! there may even be a present under the tree for you x


(thanks for all you time and effort to help me in be a stronger fighter, and for helping me get out of skill damage without me even asking, it means a lot)

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Thanks for all the post's here, I appreciate them very much.

Unfortunately MEPS made an error and thought I was an extra, so if someone was scheduled to leave that day but couldn't due to lying or a medical DQ, I would take there spot. I found out on my way back home that I wasn't an extra and they screwed up.

I will probably be around for a few more weeks.

I am going into the Marines, Curiose.

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