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Mentor-Adept Chat



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I thought it would be nice if there was an Adept-Mentor chat. So i could chat with my adepts and leave messages for them there regularly instead of having to pm each and every one of them. And we could all talk at the same time if we wanted to.

Not sure where this chat would go. But an extra button wouldn't hurt would it? x)

Yes? No? Give me your opinions :D

It would be easier to answer questions. Since my adepts have soo many questions (which i love). They take up a lot of my pm message sends. =.= And i only have 10 active right now XD with just 3 asking the questions XD

And please don't get the wrong idea. I do love answering pms one by one. (which is one of the reasons why i'm aiming for mp6)

[b]If this can't be done i'd love to see a rise in the amount of pms one can send out. Perhaps a rise in the limit only for people that have say 10 active adepts at a time. This would help :DD[/b]

I'm just scared because i almost had an experience where i ran out of pms to send xD but i was still being asked question by my adepts. gahh xD

All i'd use this new chat for are things like...

posting "Oh hey guys don't forget I'm here to answer all your questions if you have any atm!"
Or "Hello guys i'd like to remind all of you to check out the forum every once and a while. Good info packed in it"
And things like "Oh KEEN you have a quick question? Well.. okay then lemme answer it >:o" :P

Stuff like that :P It wouldn't be used to make being a mentor easier.. But rather to augment my mentoring abilities.

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You are meant to look after them. You are being lazy, a couple pms doesnt hurt.

no because:
each person would need another "chat" unless its global then you get into global chat which wont be made
its lazy and you should take some effort to look after them

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Mur talked about this but on a different subject. One reason for the astral plane being shut down in the past was due to the chat logs integrated into it (along with other things). I'm sure most people understand the merit to this but the fact is it would just be breaking both a rule and lastly as chewett said its being lazy. If you want to send the same message to each one just highlight ctrl+c ctrl+v though I give them if they where still active more selective advice.

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