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Mirror Rit Doesn't Work


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Alright, I'm not one for complaining when things go haywire and wacky...which they seem to do with the battle system quite a lot lately, but I've tried using Mirror ritual the last two days and it hasn't worked for anyone I've cast it on. the words come up but you still end up fighting the other persons creatures. So I'm wondering if this is a bug or just some unknown side effect of all the tinkering going on with the battle system, and when it might possibly be fixed :P

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If i had to take a guess it is probably an unknown side effect. People have been having vitality problems and I somehow found a way for my level 5 elemental to receive only 1 damage. I think it might take some time in order to get this fixed because currently the battle system is still being renovated. I mean look at the little gold icons that where added. It looks like we might be able to distribute exp or something. I think soon enough it will be fixed but right now the battle system is undergoing a lot of changes.

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It's not working again...
I casted it but whenever I attack someone within the spell duration, the following message appears:

Fatal error: Cannot instantiate abstract class Strategy in /home/magicdue/public_html/core/combat/Combat.php on line 210

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