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It's been ages since I dabbled in mechanics and researched the logs carefully, so I don't know if this has always been the case or even intentional, so please advise.

I noticed that when a principle based token value is said to be applied at 0%, the text still says that the creature receives xxx of y stat instead of saying 0 of y stat. Is the log only telling the max value but in reality applies the appropriate % of that value (which, if this is the case then I think it would be much more informative to show the real value instead of the max possible value), or is there a bug with tokens applying their full strength regardless of the listed %?
Oh, and I remember something about tokens working at full capacity when in defense, but the stuff I'm talking about also happens on offense.

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I'm quite sure defense token values were fixed.

Pertaining to the actual topic, I believe it's meant to be read as "You get 0% of 300" or "You get 27% of 300". It's just easier to code that way, I guess? I'm not really sure.

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