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The Waiting Game


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Post something MD related you can do/ have done to distract yourself from MD withdrawal symptoms, those with the most humour and ingenuity will get a gift from Ailith ingame for making us all smile ^_^

I might go into the living room and ask my clueless non MD housemates if they need a heal, and am toying with the idea of torturing them with an MD trivia contest...

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its been hours it seems.played golf, thought of the design for the medallion i was making for Mur,Played with a cuter puppy than adiomino(our daschoundXbull mastiff 17 kg tail whipping eating machine..)and then proceeded to read as much of the forums as i could handle..(THAT TOOK ABOUT 2 HOURS), then i realised....
OMG...i am a MD addict...help me someone please...if i check again...maybe it will be up...

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[u]MD related:[/u]

Trying to play the song at the park on my guitar ^_^
Or playing with my dog, imagining it's a knator

Thinking my room looks like Necrovion... (Dust, dust and dust :P )

None MD related:[/u]

Homework ...

Architecure homework to be exact

Line, line,line,line,line,dot,dot,dot,dot,dot,line,line,line,line... *Gets headache and starts throwing with his pencils*
I haaate complex technical drawings...

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MD Related:

Tearing out each... single strand of hair in stress from the postponing of MY BABY.

Non MD Related:

Doing extensive yard work, helping the couple I live with for the weekend take care of the animals, pick up peacock feathers, groom the horses, take one out for a ride, work with him... uh.

Find infinite ways of keeping myself warm for Creepy Hollow [Halloween scare thingy.]

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MD related:
Bothering Ailith in IM about what's going on, sending her pictures of crude Halloween costumes while giving them crude names like "Aunt Flo". (A long time ago in MD, I made an account called "angry vagina" who basically was pretty much what her namesake was. She ran around the newbie areas screaming about no one buying her nice things. To be precise: "No one ever buys me any clothes!!!" It was decided that the name 'angry vagina' was too graphic, so it was immediately changed to "Aunt Flo")

Non MD related:
Watching the kitten, who has been jumping vertically at the back window, which has a moth on it, for a good 10 minutes now. Uh..sitting with my mother as she taunts the kitten, drinking coffee. Not much, really.

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I'm washing dishes, helping mommy with lunch, washing dishes again ... being creative with steel wool ([url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/8145-mr-squiggle/page__gopid__70426"]Mr Squiggle[/url]), and checking if MD is back.

Should I go back to my books ?! hm...

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[u]MD related[/u]

Re-organising all my MD files, translating, researching etc.

[u]Non MD related[/u]

Chores around the house, cooking, bothering my brother who refuses to leave the computer alone for me to play with it.

[u]MD and non MD related[/u]

I started bugging my older brother with all the things I have learned in MD, what is it that we all do there and then chase him around the house to make-up him to look as a Knator(don't need to try much, he is big and hairy anyways).

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[quote name='dst' timestamp='1287242790' post='70391']
I started playing a game on facebook :P. I was cured of facebook months ago! Now the disease is back! I even ddig out my old alts on facebook...

You have alts on facebook? what do DO with them?

well i guess the only thing that annoys me about my situation in life out of MD is that when i say, "oh yes did you know that .. bla bla bla" the only answer my partner seems to reply in a sarcastic tone is

"hmm yeh, your so clever boy, is that because of cyclicity?"

i wish id never bothered trying to explain :cool:
(sorry didnt read post correctly..)

Play a game of annoy your housemate with your favourite MD character!

- get your cover off his bed and wrap yourself up in it. Skulk over and grab him from behind shouting "Youve been taken by the void!" (granos)
- make cat noises sporadically or all the time until you get enough attention (amoran - not about the attention thing though..)
- when you have been ignored enough roll around on the floor then scamper up to your flat mates leg and hump it (adiomino)
- go in to the kitchen with the pretence of making muffins, but get annoyed because you dont have the correct ingredients and instead put flour into your flat mates hairdryer/electric fan so that when they turn it on you can appear and shout "pixie power!" (iridian moonblossom)
- pretend that you can read your flatmates fortune and then ask for their hand. "ooo i can see that your going to be rich one day!" and then point to a line on their hand, move over smiling saying "yes yes you will definitly have money, i can see you will have a big house, a fast car and a huuuuge garden"
Then spit in their hand "ooo and a swimming pool!" (rasiel)

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MD Related:
Clicking the reload page button every 5 or so minutes, just in case :P
Building a model Broken Pattern Gazebo (yay electrician skills :cool:)
Re-organizing my avatar library
Re-organizing my bestiary
Re-reading chat logs from a few years ago >.>
And playing Facebook games with MD-ers (Look for "Green Park", Kragel is "Chris Cross" and also likes to add MD-ers)

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