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Guidelines For Story Night

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This forum is for those who want to submit stories and/or those who have been confused in any way about how Story Night works. I have realized that many problems with orginization and advertisement have fallen upon Curiose to solve. This is something I do not want to happen too often. Just to let everyone know, it is more fun if you are there in person than waiting for the log of the event to be posted. :D Below is a list of questions many of you have had, I hope this clears some things up. (Please keep this forum fairly clean/empty. This is not a chat room.)

[u][center]Q: How often does Story Night occur?[/center][/u]
[center]A: Usually around, every three weeks.[/center]

[u][center]Q: If I have a question or story to submit, who do I get help from?[/center][/u]
[center]A: PM either, The Great Wanderer, Kyhpis the Bard, or Curiose[/center]

[u][center]Q: Should I send my story by the Game PM or the Forum PM?[/center][/u]
[center]A: We would rather have your stories sent via the Forum, but if you must you may send by Game[/center]

[u][center]Q: How should I submit my story?[/center][/u]
[center]A: Send a PM with the story in it. (Please keep it appropiate) Along with the PM you should mention what time(s) you are planning to present it.[/center]

[u][center]Q: Do I have to present a story to be there?[/center][/u]
[center]A: NO! Please come not matter what, the bigger the audience the better.[/center]

[u][center]Q: Is story night really awesome?[/center][/u]
[center]A: Of course, so be there! :D[/center]

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How does the judging work...?
Will you guys record the stories as they are told? (I know this would have been useful for me, because i deleted the document after i told the story and then i couldnt submit it!)

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The judging is on a tier system.

I prefer to keep the prizes and such a system without knowledge to the people because honestly, only the judges truly need to know and that has already been sorted out.

What I will divulge is that there will be comments [if applicable, I am guessing. Depends on the judge, but it is requested that they do], on what they liked, and what to do better if needed.

We will do our best to have someone with AccousticRemains at the site, however, sometimes that is not applicable. We prefer to have you send in your stories before the event in case of such a thing happening. If you do not do that, then we cannot be responsible for your laziness and you will not get judged and will not get any prizes.

Please refer to the Notice I have posted regarding sending your story submissions.

I would also like to state that Story Night has been organized to be every TWO weeks, instead of three. Thank you.
Along with that, as I have said before: Both Kyphis and myself prefer having your stories sent via FORUM PM. NOT GAME.

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Please remember to do the following:

1. PM me, Awiiya, or Keith Moon your stories so that we can have them for judging, and in case you cannot make it for the displayed time. : D

2. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

3. Any story is acceptable, just so long as it's not incredibly long. If it is an ongoing story, stop it at a spot that would still make sense when continuing. If you need a recap for your readers, please attach that with your stories. Again, in case you cannot make it.
-If you could not send in your story before SN, but were able to Attend, PM me your story during the event and you will still be eligible.

4. Please show courtesy and respect to those sharing their stories. While some may not be the best in the land, we expect that our judges will do the job for critiquing, and not that of people who are listening.

5. Please -Do Not- forget that you get prizes for this! Based on how well your piece is written, you can get some very nice rewards, the highest being a WP [And yes, it is possible, we have had some VERY close to getting one], among others. We hope for the writer to learn from this, and take the feedback given to help become better writers.
-Feedback and Rewards will be posted for you, and we will try our best to keep up with putting the stories on the Archive's page.

Also keep in mind that there is only a few of us who can chase after you, and.. depending on the day, a lot of you. We cannot be chasing after you for your rewards. Please refer to the Notice thread [http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/7853-story-night-returns-again/page__st__20__gopid__76717#entry76717] for further information regarding such things.

I... think that is it. Remember, have fun, and get excited. : D

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