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Mp6 Search Function

Kyphis the Bard

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I'd like to see a link near the Protector Selector which has a list of current MP6.

I also think it would be cool if it had a ranking showing how active they where based on how many adepts they have, how many days they have been MP6, how much heat they have been sent, and how many spells they have cast. I know thats not the only things MP6 do, but it is pretty much all the track-able stuff. I'm also aware that it *may* result in MP6 spamming spells to increase their rank, but I hope that players who can make it to MP6 won't do that.


Obviously, rank is reset once you drop back to MP5 and needs to be rebuilt from 0 if you ever go MP6 again, since the Spells, Heat, and Active Days counter would be removed (leaving just a divisive factor)

Main thing, a search list for current MP6 would be useful (even without a ranking system to help new players select their first protector)

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  • Root Admin

personally i think that its lazy randomly picking a protector because their ranking is high. you should know your protector and talk with them rather than just picking the "highest ranking person"

Also you get the issue of people picking high ranking people and thus the lower "ranking" people will have less people and drop to mp5.

I dislike it, having a protector should be something personal and you should not just randomly select a name from a list.

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hmm... I dont know about a list or anything like that.

I was going to be smart (i know i dont often do be)
but the whole point of the MP6 and building a relation with them
is just that to go and fin the MP6 player as in go looking in the realm
and talking with them. It is suppose to be like a mentor status

In RL you go to school to be though this is similar the mp6 player
is suppose to be helpfull not just in spell but in teaching or at least that
is how i seen it from when this mp stage was released.

Having all thoes spell is nothing too special it is handy and helpfull at times
but it is only spells but you are suppose to in turn gain knowledge from you protector
I am not saying they dont do this but i have not heard of this beeing done yet.
The other use of a protector and yes i do this is to gain loyalty.

I have a protector selected that i didnt build up a relationship with and well
technicaly i should not have as my protector but i am useing my protector to gain loyalty
But it would be nice to see mp6 players do what mo6 is for.

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I agree completely but isn't adept status the mentor part.
How the system is run currently that isn't the case. People more bribe adepts and trade them. How I see it is a protector for being a good mentor to there adepts allows them to keep them and have them active. Then sort of as a reward for being a good mentor subject they get promoted to MP6. I sort of think of it as a appointed LHO. Since he has become MP6 he has been grated the ability to help people more so then before. However the system as I see it has been corrupted as people that make it to MP6 trade and try to keep everybody else at MP6 and give some of there adepts to select players. there are some good ones don't get me wrong though.

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Maybe I'm not doing this right, but..... for what it's worth (as a new MP6...)

Half of my worshippers are either people I don't know, or I know are senior to me in active days.

I have developed relationships with most of my adepts. However, most of them are also advanced enough that the MP6 spells really don't do much for them. And of course they had to pick a protector back before I made it to MP6......

Mostly, I am pumping healing spells into MP3's that I do not (yet) know.

Now, I see this as an important function. I see people "voting" with their adept status for the people who do the most healing as being a good thing, and in that sense, Kyphis's "list" idea makes some sense.

I do feel the need to support other MP6's (keeping 30 active adepts is HARD - more than half of mine are inactive), and I see nothing wrong with shuffling around a few willing adepts to keep as many of us out there healing as possible....

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