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Story Night Rewards


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This will be the thread where we [The people who are running Story Night/Sponsoring it] will be posting your rewards.

However, for this occasion, I am stating a notice here about such reward [which will be edited]:

Currently, You people will have to wait a couple more days before the posting will be available. There are some things that need to be worked out because we are doing something new from the previous Story Night and the past SN's in general. So, please bear with us. There are kinks, but we are working through said kinks. I apologize in advance that we cannot get to you your prizes sooner, but to keep the integrity, and equality of all of your pieces, we need to work through the kinks, and fix whatever that needs to be fixed.

As a side note, and as a warning: if I hear anyone complaining about not being able to get your prizes soon enough, I will be happy to void whatever you are getting. We are working as fast as we can, and there is only a small team of us. A little appreciation, and patience would be more than accepted. Yes, we are doing this for you, but I do not want greedy little fingers scratching at my back for something as meager as maybe a few coins because that's all they got*.

Also, if I find that you happen to be dissatisfied, feel free to complain to me. I will simply tell you that you should have written a better story, and to take whatever comments/criticism you get to learn from. I do not like to be harsh, I do not like to be strict, but if this is what has to be done, then it will be done.

*Please remember that this is not a quest. This is for people who wish to show off their talent. Some pieces may not even get a prize, hence why we ask our judges to give comments and critiquing.

hank you for your time and consideration.


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Once more, my apologies for the delay but here are the rewards:

[b]7 - Annonomous : Joker/Credits [Please come to me in regards of which you would prefer.]
7 - Atrumist : 10 Credits
6 - Adiomino : Pimp
5 - Stonebiter : 10 Silver
4 - Sunfire : 5 Credits
2 - Tipu : 5 Silver
1 - Pashweetie : No Prize[/b]

Thank you all for your time and patience. Please collect your rewards in a timely manner.

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It wasn't so much that they were annoying me, it's more like I am being aggressive to reinforce the fact that I will do what is needed to get things done.

I am not so much a business lady, but I do some pretty dangerous stuff and gruffness comes naturally.

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One more Notice about judging!

Currently, we are working on a new system within the forums which I have been notified will be finished on the 16th.

Once that is taken care of, the judges will be able to judge your pieces, and then rewarding can take place.

Thank you once more for your time and patience.

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Prizes are out every body, and I am uber excited to hand them out. :P Anywho, please remember the following:
If you want your prize, come find us; we won't find you. Unless you're getting coins, then we have to organize a time of which to pass them along. Anywho, this will be the following prizes and people to contact to get said prize:

[s]Amoran K Kol[/s]: 5 Credits [Please contact Kyphis with ID number for transfer]
Zelath: 1 UP [Please contact me for CTC code]
[s]Curiose[/s]: 5 Credits
[s]Rumi[/s]: 5 Credits [Please Contact Kyphis with ID number for transfer]
Atrumist: 10 Silver [Please contact Kyphis to set up a place to get your coins]
[s]Malaikat Maut[/s]: 5 Credits [Please contact Kyphis with ID number for transfer]

As for comments, I will make a separate thread with them. No names will be given, but rather the name of the piece so as to ensure anonymity. If you prefer not to, please let me know and I can PM you the comments.

Edit: If your name is crossed off, it simply means you have gotten your reward.

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I am very excited to receive a reward for my story. I didn't even know story night had rewards. Thanks so much!

Edit: I have spoken with Curiose about receiving credits

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Rewards are out!

However, I must say this first: For those who have only written a story JUST for a reward.... Let's just say it shows. Other than that, thank you for participating, and I hope that the comments posted will be put to good use!

For those who would like coins, please PM Me. I only have enough for 1 person to get them, otherwise, I will have to direct you to someone else. If you are wanting Credits, please PM Kyphis your player ID.

All writers will be reciving the maximum amount of credits they are eligible for, thanks to Mur's generosity with the Tombola.

[b][s]-The Colours of the Birds~ By Maebius' Son[/s]
FINAL SCORE: 3 (3; 2-3; 3)
Coins (5S-10S)/Credits (5)

A story about two- Atrumist
FINAL SCORE: 3 (3; 2-3; 4)
Coins (5S-10S)/Credits (5)

Story- Lawliet L
FINAL SCORE: 3 (3; 3; 2)
Coins (5S-10S)/Credits (5)

Story- Child of the Soul
FINAL SCORE: 2.5 (3; 3; 1)
Coins (5S-10S)/Credits (5)

The Postman- Rumi
FINAL SCORE: 5 (6; 4-5; 5)
Coins (10S-20S/1G)/Credits (5-10)/Creatures (UP/TS/Imperial/Pimp/Joker) [/b][Contact me (Curiose) with which prize you would like]

[b]Poem for Marvolo- Sunfire
FINAL SCORE: 1 (0; 3; 0)

[s]Story- Xrieg[/s]
FINAL SCORE: 3 (3; 5; 1)
Coins (5S-10S)/Credits (5)

Story- Darigan
FINAL SCORE: 1.5 (0; 2; 2)

[s]Poem: AmberRune[/s]
FINAL SCORE: 3.5 (3; 3; 5)
Coins (5S-10S)/Credits (5)

Story - Kay Ingild
FINAL SCORE: 3 (3; 3; 2)
Coins (5S-10S)/Credits (5)

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Aw didn't even realize my story was actually going to be read or i'd have been there to read it myself, and I apologize for not attending I will try to write another story for the next story night, and be there to present it myself.

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That is alright, but please do keep in mind that it's not all just for shits and giggles.

There is a grading scale of 0-10.
If you look closely, you will find your overall score.
The judges left comments as to why you got your score, and therefore, because you got a zero, you get nothing. A 1 or lower is not deserving.

And Pashweetie, it would have made more sense if you bothered to inquire about this before SN had begun its next session.

Edited by Curiose
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