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I was bored last night, so I got to drawing, and I drew this:


Then I got to thinking it would be a nice idea to make a comic strip with MD characters, and I wrote something down... Not all that funny, but, meh...

In the Forest of Loreroot, King Firsanthalas is doing what he does best, baking muffins.
Mya Celestia enters with Clockmaster, Loreroots newest citizen applicant.

Mya: Firs, this man here would like to join our ranks.
Firs (still busy with making muffins): Is he an elf? *mutters to himself* Yes, a bit more water... Now it's perfect.
Mya: No, actually...
Firs: Fine, fine, he's in. *thinks* Hah! Let them see that the rumours that I'm a racist aren't true.
Mya: *whispers* But, sir...
Firs: Leave me be.
Clocky: Sir, what shall be my duty?
Firs, still concentrated on making the muffins: How would I know, go tend to some trees or something.
*Mya slaps her forhead*
Next scene, we see Clocky and a totaly deforested Loreroot, with logs all around, scratching his head with his chainsaw.
Clocky: Now what?!

At PoL.

It's another morning (well, "morning") at the PoL. After a drunken night, Z wakes up for his duty.
*Z yawns and scratches his head.*
*Z approaches Bob, unzips his pants and does his thing.*
Bob *thinks* Not again!

At PoL.

Z is sleeping.
Adiomino comes to Bob, lifts his leg and does what dogs do.
Bob *thinks* That's it, I'm moving to Loreroot.

Bob has moved to Loreroot.

Clockmaster goes by. Clockmaster goes back.

Clocky: I must have missed this one.
Clocky cuts down Bob.

Anyway, if anyone would be interested doing something like this, let me know...

P.S. I hope that I didn't offend anyone with this...

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I couldve sworn i'd replied to this...Yeah, sounds like a nice idea, you'd have to be able to come up with a separate idea for each edition, and also draw the panels/find someone to draw them for you, check previous editions for width of pages, that at a max, obv, umm, yeah, think that's it, email me with completed strips, i'll let you access the MDNP area of forum when i remember :)

grido (at) ymail (dot) com

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