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The Mirror

Muratus del Mur

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note: regarding uour comments to the deleted posts. i read them both. Show of force 3 will be mqde public next.

The Mirror

Thoughts too shattered to rhyme
to find their path in such short time
I'll tell them in my own rhythm
in a poetry without its poem

Excuse the clues i left behind
The riddles that i missed to bind 
These are things one of a kind
That only some will seek to find

So here it goes..

Once upon no time...
There was a guardian of time, not a being of some sort, or a monster in a fort, nor a wonder chest but an object at its best.
This guardian that i tell, was just a mirror on no wall. It was so perfect that it had, only itself and all its pride, nothing to fear nor flaws to hide.
So I was saying..
it mirrored all and trapped their imperfections, gave them back just empty reflections. It swallowed all that passed in front, be it object life or be it void, like a dark sun that has died, it gave them back just empty light, nothing escaped whatever they tried.
This perfect mirror trapped it all, nothing around to see anymore. It was alone and lost, like a body without its ghost, no reflections left to tell if anything was left at all. No time has passed since then at all, since time was guarded most of all.
The things it trapped tried to escape. They tried to show the mirror feelings, reason, beauty, but the mirror had no ears, no fears to fear, nor eyes to look, at the reflections that it took. 

A giant eye to see it all, and so it did, it saw it all. It stood alone, alone and blind, trying to remember what was there once to find. It slowly turned into terrible horror, the idea that there might actually be not even the mirror. It looked around but there was nothing. just pure perfection without expression.

It might have gone a second or a million years untill it happend, no history to write if no time to bend, to start or to end, but at some moment the mirror decided it had no purpose since it blinded. It gave up existing, forgot about the trapped time she was guarding and in all her sadness and furry became to doubt, it lost faith in its own mirrorish clarity, it became blurry. Time was waiting, its what it does. It found a tiny fraction of itself, so small that it couldn't even be considered time at all. It sent it out on a mission, to cause havok and destruction, to cause a crack, an imperfection, and so it did at times suggestion. 

When the mirror realised its first flaw, it had the proof was waiting for, to give it up, to end it all. More longer moments followed soon, time released its many faces, shattered all in an infinity of pieces. Time was cruel and did not forget, the "time" it lost in its imprisonment. It took the mirror shards so far away, that some forgot what they once were, time escaped, ran fast, very angry and still runs faster day by day. 

Within its dieing moments, the mirror saw the reflections in each of its shards. Like lonely lost eyes of what was once a great power, they filled the world they once devoured.  With their now flawed and shattered view, they took a humble look of what was for them now new.  It started for the first time to see itlself, not in whole, but in puzzles of it all. 

The mirrors wish was now fulfilled, to see the things it only dreamed, to see the reflection of its own face, at least small views of its power, infinity and grace. It now was sure she actually existed. It took to die to see it was alive, It took a flaw for perfection to arrive. It took to lose its purpose, no more prisoner, to achieve something new, we call it now freedom in our view. It lost however something  dear, replaced oneness with a fear. Scattered and lost, forever doomed by the curse time cast, it fears to forget, each and every piece that still reflect. So each eye keeps looking, searching, trying, digging deep in reality to see and remember what it means to BE.    

And so my story ends, almost..
What happend next? try to connect yourself the dots. They danced and danced two by two, just enough the first sees the other too. Paired together but still not united, they float in time, forever divided. Peaking at reflections to see others imperfections, to find their pair, they search their match with utmost despair. 

Its said that once a shard finds its partner, they both forget their initial purpose forever. You wonder why? Its very simple, just face two mirrors at eachother, to see the two already found, what other shards still look around. What could it be, two hide in two shards of infinity? 

It is there all, for them to see, to leave this world and find their own infinity. They will keep time away, find the greatness they once were, seeing all untill theire nothing there. They will do the same again, mirroring their past, recreate eternity untill one cracks. Time will escape, will run away, its a future action it already did, shards can't foresee this amazing deed. The two shards unite, becoming one, stepping the steps of the first one gone. 
Unavoidably they'll fall apart, shattered shards in a dead sun, launching time in its long run. Never ends and never will, time runs fast while shards stand still. They are always doomed to fail, plutting time back in its jail, shards can never be so fast to stop the future cause its past. 

Now I'll rest to think it all, rest my back to a strong wall. 
There are some reasons still left to hunt, my feeling deep inside my heart...what if the mirror that once were was nothing else but too a pair.

Some say its us that shards are now, .. I say why not rocks, or socks or planks, or the multitude of plants, why not.. afterall their're all, just fractions of the whole.
They see it too, and share it all, 
rebuilding universe before the fall.
From smallest grain to biggest star
Everything still roots that far..

.... PART 2 .....

The Empty Wall

I stand in front an empty wall
And wonder what would happen
To have there hanging all alone
The mirror that once shattered

An unborn world within a world
Cruel chaser of all imperfection
A chest of secrets never told
No shards of incomplete reflection 

I stay there staring at the void
And demons start to whisper
I close my eyes and lose my mind
As letters start to glitter

Its written there on empty wall
Where mirrors never see
These things now keep to crawl
Beyond the reasoning in me

I see whispers turn to shapes
To symbols never seen before
I see my image how it fades  
It is the price if you explore

To help my mind to stay on track
I'd give the mirror its own wall 
A place to hide its unseen back
Somewhere to hang so it won't fall

I'd take its time and let it go
To free the mirror of its burden
If it casts its entropy on me
My fate will become certain.

My dreams begin to end i see
But something feels not right
The demons I no longer see
Perhaps I won the fight..

I see a stranger staring shocked
I feel a wall behind my back
Unseen something keeps me locked
I can't believe I see a crack


The story continues so does its relation to my character and md realm, but for now enjoy what it is.  


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