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Passing The Mp6 Mantle

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With regrets, I must pass the mantle of MP6 responsibility to another player. Too many things are drawing my attention from performing well the duties of an MP6, which include making welcome a constant stream of new players to replace adepts that have gone inactive.

I whole-heartedly recommend that my adepts and worshippers shift to the person I will support for MP6, because I think they will do an excellent job, as shown by his LHO work - and that is *BFH Lighthing* (yes that's an H not an N).

I will remain helpful as I can to all who seek my help.

And, loyal adepts and worshippers, you have earned my gratitude and the pickles I offered for supporting me. I am taking a snapshot of the list and those pickles are permanent, even though I am no longer formally collecting adepts.

I appreciated the opportunity to explore a new facet of MagicDuel, and hope to continue to liven things up as I move to other endeavors and responsibilities.

Best of Luck to all!

Fyrd Argentus

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[quote name='Yala Sviseusen' timestamp='1289277335' post='71718']
Awww.. I'm sad to hear you're not my protector anymore Fyrd. Don't cut yourself short, you made quite an mp6.. Thanks for everything! Also, I never got pickles... :(
Best wishes!!

Well, I did legitimately fall below 30 adepts, so I had to decide whether to go back in high gear, or go with the flow. I did not cut myself off....

You have two pickles credited to your name on the little gold parchment I have (one for being my adept, one for being my worshipper). Another pickle is a freebie for reminding me in chat that you are alive (that one goes on your public log). And it only takes 3 to qualify for the first level prizes.

And there are lots more pickles to be had for solving my riddles or helping me with the Lost Path Adventure... ;)

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