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As of late, getting rewards for people is getting to be fairly strained, and I do apologize for being extremely late with everyone getting their rewards, but, we are doing the best we can.

Currently, we are in HEAVY need for Sponsors, and I could really use your help to keep Story Night going and to keep people happy. I don't want to downsize our reward system just because we don't have the funds to do it, but it may be necessary to do so in order to at least give people something for their hard work.

If you feel that you could donate your help and your time to keep Story Night going as it is, please state it here, and what you are willing to donate.

Prizes used for Story Night:
Credits, Silver, Gold, and Creatures. Wishpoint codes are under control, but thank you everyone for your generosity and your help.


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  • Root Admin

this needs probably a larger amount of secondary prizes rather than one big one, but hey, you could convert it by selling or whatever if you really need it different :)

- one drach considerable age i guess
- two gold just
-...and an other drach :)

thats my donation for now, in private capacity, not official.

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  • 5 weeks later...

Sponsors are always welcome, please and thank you.

Credits are needed, and.. I am not entirely sure about creatures as of now.

If there is an expiration date on your sponsorship prize, please let me know.

ex: You want to sponsor.. say a Pimped Grasan, and it is to be used for X Story Night, however no one scored high enough for the Grasan, or they scored too high, and basically, it was not given away. Then, you would keep your Pimped Grasan, and your sponsorship of said creature has expired, unless you want to have it held indefinitely.

If anyone has a preference for their creatures [such as them keeping the CTC until necessary or any other preferences] please let me know also.

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