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Celebrating 10000 players!!

Muratus del Mur

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  • Root Admin

Free drinks for everyone!!

Today we have 10000 player accounts. I was hoping to reach 10k until end of the year but it seems things move much much faster !

Lets hope next year at this time we will celebrate 100k players :(

Thank you all for playing!

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can we get something to encourage more fighting for alliance members soon, i have had like 3 fights all week. Those werent even fun because i had to lose honor just to attack people and their crappy rituals they put in place to farm some losses. I just wanna fight some real rituals with no penelty sometime very soon before i grow bored

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  • Root Admin

well its about having 200 any moment. Anyway, more than 20k accounts are "dead" because confirmation emails were never sent away, i hope from now on i will be able to fix all problems in time and achieve a much higher activity rate. Game is better overall so that will also make players more active and stay longer...and with the new plans i have in mind things will go realy wild :P

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