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Warhammer 40K


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I played 40k and dabbled in Warhammer Fantasy. I stopped 4-5 years ago after codex rewrites, half the Space Marine chapters had new rules while others had to play with the old ones. It makes for an unimpressive match when you have to play with obsolete rules that don't apply, not to mention the miniatures are exorbitantly expensive over here.

Dawn of War followed canon quite well, but I found it lacking strategic elements without turn-based play, it was a reasonable RTS. I preferred Final Liberation over Dawn of War though :)

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A decade ago I tried to get my boys interested, with limited success. I even had a chunk of time on my hands once and built a space-bug army that was inspired by a mix of Heinlein's Starship Troopers and Asprin's Bug Wars. Followed the warhammer rules for the bug army, of course. Wood, glue, paint.... I eventually gave it to my nephews, since my boys now couldn't care less about warhammers. Sigh.

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i was elder!

cool like dreadnaught thingys where you roll a 6 and its insta kill lol ir something, my friend painted them something or other blue/purple which meant something and by the time i actually spent about 50 pounds worth, my friends stopped playing, must have played about 10 games in total.

plus whenever ive been to those games workshop shops, the geeks there can be so rude! i only call the rude ones geeks mind... for id happily be there in an alternate lifestyle :P

ive been playing MTG a bit, but thats offtopic i guess

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