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I have recently recived a pm from the MDStaff.

They have decided that transactions made using real money or real items are forbidden unless they are credits with the gift shop feature.

Any topics that are currently open with money will be closed. Any topics that are subsequently made will be removed and the creator will be warned.

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Reminds me.. I haven't been able to find this rule on in-game announcement. Is this a forum-only rule (to cut the amount of real cash transfers), or a game wide rule? I'm assuming the latter, but it doesn't seem that the rule has been properly announced in-game (unless I somehow miss it, of course).

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Does anyone else think that banning this is rather... mundane?

This rule can't be enforced, except on the forum where people can't advertise it... It's basically another for-show rule. It won't/can't be actively enforced or watched over, because no-one can prove that it's being done unless they were involved.

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Ann. 1876 - [2011-06-21 04:17:38 - Stage 10]
No more cash trades
Advertising trades in exchange of cash as opposed to in-game currency or exchanges is dragging MD economy to a very dark corner. Players use funds to get things in MD but those funds never remain as coins or similar things with trade value inside the realm. As of now, advertising any "trade for cash" is to be considered against the rules. There is nothing morally wrong with those that want to do that, nor is this a true crime, so the first time, the sanction will be aimed against the trade, not against the trader. You can still trade for credit gifts, coins, other items or benefits inside the realm (except wishpoints) but you risk to lose your traded goods if you pay someone for it in cash outside MD (direct transaction). The restriction to advertise direct pay trades applies to any ways that a character in MD could post such an advertisement in realm (chat, moodpanel, papers, forum, etc). The way how this new rule will get applied or how severe the sanctions will get, will depend entirely up to how this will be respected or not. I sincerely hope you all see the reason for it and respect it as a kind request not only as a forced rule.

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