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Ancient Elemental (MAGIC)

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Elemental V

ID. 21184

Vital Energy ? (normal value)
Experience 1759228
Won battles 699
Age 1149
Power ? (normal value)
Defence ? (normal value)
Initiative ? (normal value)

Creature Tokens

This creature is MAGIC and can be transferred without losing Age/and or won battles/exp (please can someone message in reply if they know the facts..)
just wondering if there is a interest for this sort of thing.

a recently sold wilderwild of age 600 sold for 3 silver, although its age would have been cut in half through transfer and it did have one token. im not sure if this has a value as its ID range isnt very very very low, just very low

can people post some of their old creatures or even just their ID values, so that i can get an estimate of this creatures actual ID range in comparison to what people actually have.

this isnt in the market place because i want to talk about it rather then just sell it. Obviously i was thinking about selling it otherwise i wouldnt be interested in knowing its "value"

my lowest ID creature is 21169 - a chaos archer 900 battles, 17 tokens what is yours?

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LOL shower time... i didnt mean to expose my ele in such a way!
i dont really get it, but if you had to explain it im sure it would ruin the joke, im sure im just being coy :P

i wanna know if yours is older then mine Cutler!! come on show and tell!

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i do have a pimp grasan = ID:6931
barren soul = 26998
lore arch = ID:27455
kantor = ID:35055
bird = ID:69228
tree = ID:70281
elem = ID:83839
chaos = ID:84014
colored joker = ID:89326
grasan = ID:89326

those are my 4 and 5 digit crits and hoping to have all kinds of crit with 5 or 4 digit, and really addicted with 3 digits ^_^

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Moved to a more appropriate forum.

My oldest ID's are the 1000 dark, and 21k barrens, aramors as well.

And for the record, I'd toss in some silver for your low ID creats, though you probably won't sell it anyways..magic ctc just is way too comfy without me having to lvl them :P

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  • Root Admin

[quote name='Asterdai' timestamp='1293640156' post='76291']
thanks for moving the topic. i didnt even know this section existed!

1000 dark, come on shadow whats the story behind That!? seriously...

If i remember correctly it came out of Murs auction.

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Please close topic as i think i have found the answer i wanted.

it appears that 21184 is older then i thought, i intend to try and sell this creature along with other MAGIC crits when i have levelled up my BP's, santas and sharptears.

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