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Grafitti, Carving, Etc.


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A friendly reminder: do not carve into me. If you want to do anything to me - borrow a branch, a leaf, or a piece of bark, you absolutely must ask. I can't believe I have to post a board about this at all, but seeing as I bear the mark "Manda Rules!" now, I find it necessary to send out a warning.

It is also a worse deed than you might imagine. When I was transformed into a tree, my memories became the wood and my brain was decentralized. Lose a branch, lose a memory. Get carved into, lose memory.

That's all. I'll go back to trying to regrow wood over my new mark.


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Yes, we are not allowed to RP on the forum and you know the reasons. Personally I saw Awi's post more like a complaint/announcement/request to all other players.

I am tempted to delete all posts and leave just his initial one (Awi, waiting for your feedback on that) but until that I will close it.

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