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Spent credits gift shop

Muratus del Mur

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I talked a while ago about a secondary shop / permanent tombola , that will consider your total supporter status (spend plus current credits) and allow you to pick certain things from a list.

The details about how this shop will function should be discussed there (or moved here by a mod maybe?), i am opening this topic to start making a list of potential items in this gift shop. I call it gift shop because you wont be spending extra on them , they are things you can pick for having credits or spending them on other things. All previous values, everything your supporter tag sais will be considered.

please reply with your suggestions, and most important, vets, please warn me if any of the items in this shop hurt the concepts md is based on, i might miss some things. For example B/W creatures are never to be "sold" for money dependent things, but only WP. Active days will _NEVER_ be influenced either down or up by any spell or purchased item, and so on.. mostly you know these things, or feel how they should be.
This list should contain ONLY things you cant get in the shop or wp shop. Silver and gold are the exception because they matter as ammounts not as individual items (like morphs)

consider it will be a shop with limited stoc across users and not for each user so if one gets the big gift , the others wont see it anymore.

100 spent credits per item, maybe more maybe less, suggestions are welcome.

Check the tombola awards , something like that i am thinking.

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[quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1295736997' post='77882']
This list should contain ONLY things you cant get in the shop or wp shop.
I am curious if this includes items that are not regenerated at a shop reset, for example Erolin Space?

It would be interesting to see things like Equipment Pieces (there are still all those slots with no items associated to them) available there.

The other thing I can think of would be "Limited Cast" spells.
Essentially, what I mean is spells identical to what you would get in the Wish Shop, except their casts don't get reset when the normal spells are reset (ie, once you use it, its gone). I'd suggest having a limited number of purchases of this sort of thing, something low like 2 (which, if the shop is capable of being "reset", should not be regenerated)

I doubt this would turn up in the shop, but what about Illusions? There are plenty of interesting things amongst them. (once again, temporary access stuff, since from my understanding Illusions are a special game stage ability ;))

Another thing might be single access passes to normally restricted areas (I'd put an MP limit on that for a lot of areas though), only able to be purchased once, granting access once, to specific areas (ie, Loreroot back entrance, Golemus bridge, Archives Balcony, Oak Fort, Sage's Keep, etc. Potentially Necrovion gate, but I'd personally disagree with that one since Necrovion is not exactly the same as the other lands)

Items area also an interesting thing to consider. While I think the current system is great, I wonder what would happen if, at a high supporter status requirement, people where able to obtain a token that replaced the wishpoint requirement (but not materials) for creating an item? Something like that should be restricted to about two purchases ever (but one would probably be better, just depends on the supporter status required)

Beh, I will add more when I think of them >.>

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Splitting the "spent creds" shop into say 3 parts might be good, idk...Gold, Silver, Bronze or somesuch, where you have a few great things, for a high spent require in the gold, and you have lots of lesser (but still good obv) for a lower spent require in the bronze, silver being somewhere in the middle.

Illusions could be fun (I'd know)...but hard to get to work right...possibly one-time illusion of your choice, main benefit to players who don't fight, your creatures aren't usable whilst in an illusion
Not sure the one time access locations would be useful to anyone who's been around a length, and they're the ones who've probably (note: exceptions) got more spent creds to use
Replacing WP require would require a rework of the system as I know it, but not sure what I think about the association between credits and WPs anyway...

Having an option to reinstate one-time MD-shop products might be good, puts the heat orbs, friends list, reindrach (at Christmas), etc back into the shop once you've bought it already...perhaps have it activate upon shop reset though, to save abusing in any way. Or pick and choose which items get renewed on the reset.

LE: Actually yeah, better to pick and choose, there are some which would be pointless to re-add, like "unbind all inactive rituals" you don't need/want it twice in the shop

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[quote name='Grido' timestamp='1295788637' post='77912']
Replacing WP require would require a rework of the system as I know it, but not sure what I think about the association between credits and WPs anyway...
Note that all the things I suggested had a limited number of purchases, no regeneration on reset. So it would only allow one or two items per person to be created without wishpoints, and even then only if they met the supporter status first. (although yes, I do understand what you mean't being that the Wishpoints cost is a hard coded part and would need to be able to recognize the tokens, not just the Crafter accept it)

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Another thing that could be in the shop, that I would LOVE:
De-tokening. Randomly pick a creature with tokens, and remove all of them.

Something else:
De-leveling. Randomly picks a creature and reduces it to first level, but does nothing to a creatures accumulated stats (wins/experience/days). This would be useful only to creature collectors who want the "Full Glow" achievement, but desire to not only have one of every creature, but one of every creature at every level. This would also be useful if there where ever tournaments with level restrictions on the creatures used, as you would only need to pay the upgrade cost to set it to the level you wanted, and after the contest you could restore it to its max level if desired (however, it would not be good to see such events occur, since for too many people it would require you to have access to this article to compete properly, unless enough notice was given of this events planning in advance that people would have a reasonable amount of time to gain age for leveling new creatures, be that through trade or some other means.)

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[quote name='Fyrd Argentus' timestamp='1298430971' post='79375']
How about personalized faces/poses/clothes/equipment for your favorite creature? Nothing to change the stats, just a distinctive unique avy/icon for that beloved creature.
Which makes me think, what about having the extra option to use your MD avatar instead of equipment dummy used for combat as an available option (toggled on the options page, of course ;))

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How about "cushion stats" for people in stat damage? Say you have 2000 cushion stats (from attack all the way to init or whatever) and whenever you lose while in stat damage you lose those "cushion stats" instead of your real stats. Those cushion stats don't get added to your real stats of course so the number of "cushion stats" could be relatively large. like 2000 :P

Just thought of it

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